Bayonetta PS3 vs. Xbox 360 - Screenshot Comparison (720p)

In that screenshot comparision Videogameszone checked the graphics between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta. So, can the PS3 version keep up with the copy for Xbox 360? Hint: Click at "Screenshot in HD" to view them in original size (720p).

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Rikitatsu3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Oh god, I predict this crap will hit the headlines in a less than 6 hours.

Pennywise3280d ago

Oh god, I predict Rikitatsu will be commenting soon. Oh wait!

Chris3993280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

The game was average from what I played. It's like soft-core porn mixed with heavy metal. And that's about as harmonious as it sounds. The school teacher/ dominatrix/ gun-slinger design just ends up looking cobbled and messy. That, and I found it very hard to discern what was actually happening on screen. Furthermore, I played the demo several times, doing the tutorials and approaching the controls in different ways, on varying difficulties, and still felt like I was button mashing.

I can see this game appealing to an undersexed, basement dwelling, hair-fetishist demographic, but it's mostly insulting to anyone with taste.

The game has a real identity crisis. Some serious hype for mediocre games lately. Out of all these massively hyped games, I'll probably only pick up Darksiders and the new Castlevania.

Edit: To the disagrees. Video games are an investment. How we chose to spend our $60 ($75 for me, after tax) is our only real power as a consumer. Giving in to marketing hype and purchasing buggy, regurgitated or just average content will not enrich your hobby of choice in a positive way. It sends a very strong message to the development community that they can feed us whatever they want so long as it's properly advertised and accoladed. That's how I see it, at least.

toaster3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Oh please.. come back when you have HD screenshot comparisons and not this 720p crap.

[EDIT] I mean true HD. 1080p.. 720p is barely HD (Wii)

[EDIT] Holy crap you're right. nvm then. Haha just checked my Wii settings. But still. I want to see 1080p screens.

@ SuperM
I don't play games at 1080p. I play games at 1920x1200. My perception of good graphics might be different from yours.

Azurite3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Wii is 480p

SuperM3280d ago

most games run at 720p nubcake.

game looks ugly though, regardless of platform

SilverSlug3280d ago

Because it doesn't run the best on PS3, but the 'Battlefield 2 Bad Company " beta looked amazing...

Fanboys, seriously game looks good on both 360/PS3 and its a great game. Don't miss out on great games because you suck off Sony.

Saaking3280d ago

The game doesn't look terrible, but it's nothing special either. I'm probably gonna buy it when it gets cheaper.

Christopher3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Like most multiplatform games, the PS3 suffers from a washed out feel due to lower textures and some very weird global lighting (gamma-related). It still looks fine, but just not as clean as on the 360.

Though, I will say this. The screenshots for Assassin's Creed as well as videos showed me the same thing, but when I got my copy on the PS3 it looked much nicer than what I had been shown before.

It would be really cool if you retail stores kept a demo of each upcoming game loaded for their display consoles so you could see what the graphics were really like, rather than however someone on the internet has it set-up to play with some weird settings.


Edit: I love how I have a disagree for saying the obvious, those screenshots make the 360 look nicer and cleaner, and then saying that even though they look that way I've had an experience that defied such screenshots with AC1. I even said that it's because of the settings that people use that cause these differences.

WTH do you people disagree with? Use of certain words? Letters in my alias? The color red? How your left testicle feels at the time that you're reading a post? It makes no sense most of the time.

3280d ago
Foliage3280d ago

"but when I got my copy on the PS3 it looked much nicer than what I had been shown before. "

Because these website don't use proper settings for their captures, which results in more website hits from fanboys.

The PS3 version never looks anything near what they display in these bullshots.

we won3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Don't trust this site, it is known to try and capture screenshots in a shaddy way that makes the PS3 versions of games seem on par with the 360. They have also used 360 screenshots and tagged them as PS3 shots also tagging the PS3 shots as 360 shots, a few times now. This is also one of the sites that tried to make Need 4 Speed Shift, Forza 3, GT5-P seem on par with Forza 3. Just wait for Lense of Truth and Eurogamer.

Chris3993280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

And all you've done is bash PS3 articles in your comment history.

People like you, who spam gibberish from what are likely multiple accounts (and by the same hand, PS3 fanatics who troll 360 articles), are terribly, terribly sad individuals. Not only that, but you're contributing nothing to a community which is already fractured by console loyalties and half-wits spewing PR quotes from the people who make their toys.

There should be a limit of one account tied to each I.P. address on N4G. Most of the irrelevant posts on this site would disappear.

Edit: @ we won. I hope you know somewhere in that muddled head that you're mentally ill. That, or, you're just pretending to be such a fanboy for some anonymous kicks on the internet.

IdleLeeSiuLung3280d ago

It's funny how the majority of sites tell you that the 360 version is better looking which they show proof with pictures and videos, but every single time this site will claim it is some kind of global conspiracy to put down the PS3!

With a 140+ million user base, you would think Sony has more loyal fanbase than any other console in recent time!

we won3280d ago

LOL at the disagree. I promise you Eurogamer will show much more differences.

Why o why3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

i thought you were smarter than that. I mean gametrailers ring any bells. Full hdmi and their games looking nothing like what they do on my kuro. Switching footage..where ya been. Let me explain this to you...Its East vs West here. The west now has a champion...The 360..Im from the west and i can see this. Its kinda like how many Americans will only buy American cars thinking that they're better than their European/asian counterparts...we KNOW thats BS if you know what i mean.

The amount of lies fud and all the rest that has followed sony this gen is unwarranted apart from the fact that some of their people may have said arrogant things...The ps1 and ps2 has given gamers nothing but joy in the grand scheme of things and thats a great gaming experience...Trust me if sony were american there wouldn't be some much BS. The amount of arrogance MS has shown this gen doesn't seem to rub the same people up the wrong way...strange that... I mean i could almost understand sony being full of themselves as they've actually won 2 generations straight...MS aint won jack sh!t but the western media is as influential as its always been....blu ray failure and not needed for gaming, no hdmi needed, no need for 1080p, too expensive for the masses (which it was), not selling yet we find out its the 3rd fastest selling console i mean wtf. People need to understand that the media is a TOOL and every useful tool has a wielder. You think MS being tied up with viacom was by luck or design. Now some will retort by saying x company isnt tied with y company anymore yadda yadda.....its a classic but for a real understandable analogy i point to Mr valve himself Gabe Newell...former MS employee YET we can ALL see the ties are still evident. Do you guys remember the variety articles a year back and the fact that a movie mag was included in the metacritics scores where as some more dedicated and longstanding sites were omitted. too many things. Did you ever used to watch the 1up show....I actually hear 360 fans calling shane a sony did that make the rest of em....neutral lol

rant off

NecrumSlavery3280d ago

Uncharted 2 runs @ Native 720p and is the greatest looking game on any console.

MetalGearSolid4 runs tru1080p Native and was only beat out by Uncharted 2 for best console graphics ever.

Halo 3 and COD:MW2 Run at some where between 640 & 600p and say they run at 1080p, but they don't. MW2 runs near 60fps in SP though.

Wii runs at 480i/p and below.

Only a few game really utilize the 480p, and that is Metroid, Conduit, MadWorld, and NSMBWii.

Resolution also depends on the system, the specs, the developers ability.

But though this game looks mediocre in graphics, it's still fun.
Not Famitsu 40/40 fun, but a nice feeler game between. DMC4 and DMC5.
GOW3 is a whole new beast.

ABizzel13280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

PS3 version looks good, but the 360 version clearly has more effects, sharper textures (pic 6), better use of color (pic 11), better shadows (pic 1), and it clearly shows (pic 15). he PS3 version still looks washed out, but not nearly as much as in the Japanese demo (pic 7), only (pic 20) looks better on the PS3.

But the most important thing I want to know is if they got the framerate up on the PS3 version. At first it was at 40 fps, while the 360 was at 55 fps. I want to know if the extra help from Sony did more than just graphical details.

But more importantly these images do a lot more for Bayonetta than the trailers and demo. Fighting on top of cars is a common scene in movies, and FPS and TPS, but it's a rarity in hack and slash. I'm glad to see it's not stuck in the Gothic style of Devil May Cry, and I hope Bayonetta lives up to the hype.

But I still prefer GOW3.

GrandTheftZamboni3280d ago

Well I searched for word "conspiracy" on this page and you're the only one who mentioned it.

Megaton3280d ago

"Though, I will say this. The screenshots for Assassin's Creed as well as videos showed me the same thing, but when I got my copy on the PS3 it looked much nicer than what I had been shown before."

Exactly. After reading all the stuff online about how Ghostbusters on PS3 is this massive fail of unplayable proportions, I tried it myself and it was fine all the way to the end. Some of the flaws from the screens were there, but most of them weren't. Stopped paying much attention to comparisons after that.

muDD3280d ago

This so called news site is filled with nothing but Sony fan bois who are extremely delusional, constantly being blinded by flame baiters such as hiphopflammer. You guys actually think heavy rain looks better than alan wake...??? this is called delusion. The problem is, sony fan bois cannot take criticism at all, and rant and rave when someone disagrees that the ps3 is the best system. You do realize there is much more 360 bashing on this site, right? How many times have you scorned ps3 fanbois from unwarranted bashing of the 360??? Let's not be hypocrites... and stop checkin my profile, that's kinda scary...ooooo!

LinuxGuru3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Wow, have no idea how wrong you are lol.

There is no "true HD" or "Full HD". Those are just marketing gimmicks to get people to go into debt by using credit to buy massive TVs they can't afford.

There are only varying levels of "definition"

- Standard definition (CRT TVs) = up to and including 480i, 576i (interlaced)
- Enhanced Definition (Old computer monitors, 6th generation videogame consoles, Wii) = 480p, 576p (progressive scan)
- High Definition (7th gen. consoles, Modern widescreen LCD monitors, LCD/LED/OLED TVs, plasmas, etc.) = 720p, 1080i, 1080p

It's broken down even further when dealing exclusively with Computer monitors.

- HD-1080

Aquanox3280d ago

The PS3 is kind of an Antagonism. From one side, they call it the biggest graphics horse power and it shows with some of its exclusives, but it's anecdotal that in order to play the best multiplatform game versions, you need to go for the Xbox 360. Quincux is running it, there must be a way to get around this.

raztad3280d ago

Come on, I though xbox dudes dont care about graphics just teh gameplay. As suspected, that isnt true, they care A LOT, when there are minimal differences in multiplat games but never when talking about exclusives.

Lets talk graphics then. Bayonetta PS3 is a crippled port. The visuals/framerate are clearly inferior, although playable. Thats a widely known fact and people here are just beating a dead horse.

NewZealander3280d ago

why is it crap? i love articles like this, it helps me decide what console to buy multiplat games on, i like to get the best version be it ps3 or 360.

but trust me this game aint going any where near either of my consoles, its the campest thing ive seen since the old 60s batman tv series.

pain777pas3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Why oh Why typed the truth. Some gamers think that it's something else like the games are really better on one system then another. It's more like the American media wants them to think this way. No American console has been sucessful. Microsoft is the most recognizable company in America. We are all in recession. There are so many factors why the American media wants the 360 to be sucessful. I for one will not deny that gamewise the 360 is good. But the hardware turned me off forever just like their 2000 and ME operating system fiascos. I trust Sony hardware and like they have in the past they have solid exclusive games. Love gaming and chose what you want not based on the media but on your own experience. I was lucky to have both systems and have moved out of the 360 lies and back into the truth that all systems have their advantages and disadvantages. In this case Bayonetta does look sharper on the 360 in those shots. But in honesty how much better. This is not SNES to Genesis here this is like you won't be able to tell the difference after tweaking some settings. I'm sick of this multiplat garbage its like I cant game hard on the 360 without thinking about red ringing it sucks. I have gamed hard on the PS3 with no issues so I'm done with the 360. It can't survive my gaming habits. There is not one 360 game that I want exclusive to the system. I have a capable PC so ME2 will be played on it. The GC sold the worst last gen however I wouldn't want to miss PRIME, Zelda, Double dash etc... Game on!

SilentNegotiator3279d ago

Because with multiplats games like The Saboteur and Burnout: Paradise, you're going to have to say bye-bye to your "TEH SUPRER MULTIPLATS!" argument.

CWMR3279d ago

-Screenshots are not very useful, in my opinion. Most of the pertinent differences come in the form of framerate, screentearing and graphical polish that can't easily be seen in a screenshot. I have never understood why some people try to do comparisons with only screenshots.-

Schobeleth3279d ago

If you're still unsure or scared. I was worried of a shoddy port and honestly? It still looks and runs great for me. I think unless you have them running side to side you won't notice a difference. Definitely going to get this one though ;)

vhero3279d ago

Obviously they have to compare at 720p to make up for the 360's inability and even at 720p I thought the 360 was supposed to be superior?? I think SEGA did an amazing job at porting with Sony's help so good it actually looks better than the original devs.

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N4PS3G3280d ago

don't trust this site..they usually change the 360 screens for the ps3 and vice versa to fuk with people

Alcon Caper3280d ago

The did that with the MW2 screens. Don't disagree, it's the truth.

This site is NOT credible.

Regardless, Bayonetta is hella fun and a crazy spectacle to watch.

DelbertGrady3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Good thing it's only screenshots. Here's some video comparisons...if you dare to watch.

And here's the full article as well:

Awesome game btw. Everything is over the top and the controls are second to none.

vhero3279d ago

eurogamer is a known 360 fanboy site but then again your a 360 fanboy so trust you to link to that site eh?

DelbertGrady3279d ago

Aren't they all? I guess the video evidence is fabricated as well, huh? lol! How's that tin foil hat working for you?

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deadreckoning6663280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I thk the depth and variety of Bayonetta's combat DEMOLISHES God of War 3 easily. God of War has the graphics, the epic boss battles, a great backstory, and lots of puzzles and platforming action. I will say this though after playing the Bayonetta demo 5x in a row, the GOW3 demo suddenly felt VERY boring. Even IGN said the Bayonetta demo was better.

BTW: Why are people comparing GOW3 and Bayonetta graphically. A multiplay VS. an exclusive? Lets be real here.

@Information Minister- I'm just passing along what I know. U can do with IGN's opinion whatever ud like. All I know is that at I'm getting GOW3, Bayonetta, and Dante's Inferno because I feel that they are ALL epic in their own way.

If Bayonetta and DI had GOW3's graphics, EVERYONE here would be singing a different tune.

Information Minister3280d ago

Oh... If even IGN said it, then it must be a universal scientific indisputable truth.

MENTAL NOTE - Change opinion about Bayonetta./s

ZombieNinjaPanda3280d ago


Personally I think Bayonetta is pretty good for a button masher/hack and slash (the opinion I had gotten).

But I did enjoy God of War 3 demo a bit more, perhaps because I anticipate it so much.

bujasem_893280d ago

screw u Sega for messing this game up due to ur ignorance why dont u learn something from EA huh ?? DI was a bliss

spunnups3280d ago

Neither looks that great, but good enough IMO. As long as the gameplay is there, i won't mind too much. I will definitely give this a shot. Calling this a God of War killer is ridiculous, but that doesn't take away from it's potential fun factor.

ape0073280d ago

ridiculous,I mean gow 3 is on a whole new level

gow3 is the master of ON YOUR FACE ACTION

can't wait for gow3,don't know why it's not getting the attention it deserve to get