At last! Photorealism hits the point-and-click game

Flytrap: "In fairness, the vast majority of adventure and room escape games on the web are created digitally (with varying degrees of visual success), but someone's shown some real imagination on this one by doing what we often consider to be the unthinkable... getting dressed and going outdoors."

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3284d ago
ABizzel13284d ago

I think we have to wait until next gen before we see photo realism on consoles, and even then it won't be in a huge title like Gears or Uncharted.

ZedoMann3284d ago

Don't wait, Get a PC now and always have near photo-realistic graphics.

mal_tez923284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Don't wait, Get an expensive PC now and always have near photo-realistic graphics.


Edit: I did build my own. Total cost was greater than that of a PS3.

I do however agree with you that building your own computer is the best way to do it. Buying pre-made computers is rediculously overpriced, and building a computer is as easy as making lego structures.

But if you really want to buy something overpriced that has limited functionality, get a Mac :)

S4NDM4N3284d ago

PC gaming expensive? hahahaha

If you like going to Best Buy and getting ripped off

Just build your own

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