New Advert confirms Sony PSP 4000

The Lost Gamer writes "The advert, from Accessories4Gamers Ltd., details that it is suitable for 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and PSP Go models too… wait… 4000?! Uh oh, seems like someone has maybe confirmed recent rumours too soon!"

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Mildrop3280d ago

Im sure Sony have plans to do something to further improve their technology, just wish one day I would get suprised rather that others mistakes leaking the confirmation

Seedhouse3280d ago

It's disappointing to see that these things leak out ahead of time, yet it should be obvious to those designing these adverts whether certain information is ready to be released or not.

Either that, or they're doing it on purpose...

gaffyh3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Accessories4Gamers, really? You really think this is a confirmation rather than just a mistake?

I'm not saying that a PSP-4000 isn't coming, but it wouldn't be confirmed by a random advert. I could make one right now in Photoshop and say, PSP-5000 is coming.

Seedhouse3280d ago

Of course you could, but this is taken from a respected Gaming Magazine - no opportunity to Photoshop other than at the source.

I doubt either Accessories4Gamers or MCV would risk adding in a PSP-4000 symbol into an advert just for a laugh...

Minimox163280d ago

Well im like Sony a lot!! almost everything in my room its from Sony, except my underwear clothes :P, but i think is time for the PSP2 and not another model, the PSP had done Great!! not other portable console could match or hold in the battle of portable with Nintendo has a rival, now that the PSP has a Strong fans base i think the PSP2 will do great! and will sell more that the PSP, but Sony need to innovate with something big( and if i know sony its always innovating!)

Blaze9293280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Does Sony NOT want potential PSP buyers to buy a PSP? Like everytime you think the latest one will be here for awhile, rumors yet again pop up of another model. I'm still on my PSP-1000 and very happy with it but it would be nice to upgrade. I just wish I could do so without feeling like an idiot who just bought an apple product :/

Bonsai12143280d ago

all i want is wireless g. not even n. g. and internal memory. memory cards suck.

Disccordia3280d ago

Blaze is right, Sony need to stop with all these psp skus. It's confusing for new customers and annoying for existing ones. They should just concentrate on developing a psp2 and making it as good as it can possibly be instead of adding minor adjustments to something that's nearly 5 years old.

Arnon3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

PSP-2000 here. I really want another analog stick for Monster Hunter. Once I get that, then I probably wont ever purchase another PSP SKU.

pain777pas3280d ago

@ Minimox16 I agree. They should be gearing up for the successor at this point but I have a funny feeling that this will be huge E3 for gaming in general.

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divideby03280d ago

hence why I didnt buy a Go...besides the high price and only DD

nix3280d ago

give us PSP 2 already. with two analog stick.

raztad3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I'm strongly against the PSP2 or any PSP hardware bringing incompatible games for my current PSP. More power is not what the PSP needs. I'm sure Sony knows it and I hope they keep supporting the current fanbase.

SuperStrokey11233280d ago

No, but it does need dual analog sticks!

Ssxtreme363280d ago

Just give me 2 analog sticks with backwards compatible support for the games i already purchased and ill consider buying it.

Noctis Aftermath3280d ago

Duel analog sticks will only be released with the PSP2 and not any newer PSP1 models.

TapiocaMilkTea3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

what is the big deal with dual sticks.......I don't even use it on my PS3, but then I don't play FPS or racing game, is that what it's for? It's really not essential for everyone.....

wildcat3279d ago

wouldn't get very far with only one analog stick

BWS19823279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I don't think I've played a single game that didn't inject either function or necessity into the dual analogs, so I have no clue what games you play...A PSN game or something? A PS One classic? I can't recall ever playing any game without them being used at some point (usually by requirement), shooter, sports, adventure, RPG, racer, puzzle, trivia, they all worked or were required, and usually, required...What mass of games do you play that never use them? Or are you just saying you don't play very many (that's not meant as an insult, I'm honestly asking out of confusion and for clarification)..??

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Batzi3280d ago

I thought PSP Go was the PSP 4000! maybe that was a typo??

Seedhouse3280d ago

If you look at the image, there's PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and PSP Go mentioned as compatible :)

DaTruth3278d ago

Underneath to PSPGo it says PSP-N1000!

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