God of War Collection Eats Up 23GB Of Blu-ray Disc Space

If you're wondering how much space did the God of War Collection occupied on the PS3's Blu-ray disc, try almost all of it.

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Chris Hansen3279d ago

23GB is nothing near the maximum capacity of Blu-ray.

WildArmed3279d ago

aye, GoW is still epic. o-o
2 GoWs = 1 next gen title lol :)
(single layered blu-ray)

Godmars2903279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

A single layer certainly.

Considering where the original games comes from, can only assume that all the added space they take up is from upscaling. May explain why the in-game cut-scenes weren't.

Forget the bonus disc that comes with GOW2. So that's 3 DVDs of info upscaled to HD and stuck onto a BR.

AKNAA3279d ago

Yes, I think its that great! and 23G's sounds just about rite considering how both games each filled up a dual layer dvd. Thats what? 14-15 gigs already, not to mention the extra video content and the HD visual boost.

NecrumSlavery3279d ago

Bluray Society has just revealed their latest disc which is over 300gb

Rowsdower3279d ago

lossless audio can take up a ton of space

SilentNegotiator3279d ago

....we won't be seeing a "Halo Collection" any time soon.

Bobby Kotex3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Played thru first and halfway thru GoWII. I would say at least 30% of the in-game cutscenes are in high quality. I wish the whole thing was that way. This is truly one of my favorites for '09.

Sarcasm3279d ago

"we won't be seeing a "Halo Collection" any time soon."

Of course we will, they'll all be in the same last generation disc medium anyway. All they have to do is repackage it and voila, Halo Collection. :)

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sikbeta3279d ago


Amazing indeed

dericb113279d ago

None of us really did. Knowing this however lets of know they put a lot of work and resources into this game.

WildArmed3279d ago

same, but it says alot about the effort they put into the collection.
2 DvD -> 1 bluray + extra content


Doesn't seem right....... almost wrong.I wonder,out of curiosity,how many 'gigs' are taken up by.........the inferno of Dante or AC2 or perhaps them Borderlands of infinite repetition?
Worry less about how and more about why.Gow collection was awesome,gig count aside...........

Darkeyes3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Since all the games you mentioned are multi-plats, which means all the games take up >8-9GB of space due to DVD9 limitations.... Most of the games are compressed, whereas PS3 exclusive games tend to be uncompressed thus taking in a lot more space....

Besides, GOW 1&2 themselves used up DVDs when they came out.... So obviously expecting it to be compressed in 8-9GB is not possible.

The_Nameless_One3279d ago

Actually 360 game are only allowed to use about 6.5 GB of the DVD9 disc. That's why you see a growing trend of 360 games being shipped on more then one disc.I suspect it will only get worse as time goes by.

Cheeseknight283279d ago

So long as it doesn't take up 23 GB of my hard drive, I'm happy for them.

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