BioWare's Cho: Mass Effect 3 plans to start soon

CC: BioWare's lead technical artist Adrien Cho has revealed that early plans for pre-production will soon start for the third Mass Effect game, even though the second hasn't been released yet.

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ruleroftekken3283d ago

Bloody hell that was quick!

And there's day 1 DLC? So why not put it straight on the disc. Either way i'm buying it.

dgroundwater3283d ago

Too quick, I say. They could just do 2 or 3 big DLC packs each year for 3 years and I would be more than happy. This game is built for DLC add-ons like they said, so why make a 360 sequel when they could just make the third a next gen project?

ruleroftekken3283d ago

All the Mass Effect trilogy games have been released on current-gen consoles. SO it's going to come on 360, not 720.

Let BioWare create another brilliant IP for the next gen Xbox :D

Saaking3283d ago

Mass Effect has been stated to be a trilogy for a long time. The third installment was obvious.

SuperM3283d ago

Uhm, you know this is what developers do all the time right? They almost always start their next project before the other one is finished. It doesnt mean we will see Mass Effect 3 one year later then ME2. It will in all likelyhood be another 2 years before the next one.

Tony P3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

The article says it like it's unusual to start a new project as the previous completes. What's that about? But even though they've started "envisioning" the next chapter, he made it clear DLC and expanded content is the focus right now.

"The cool thing is also there's going to be a lot of bonus content basically for the fans, that they don't have to pay for. It's just going to keep them engaged. It's hopefully a good service to the players who buy the game, and will keep them engaged."

No one picked up on the implication of *free* as well as the paid DLC in that interview? I think that's infinitely more interesting and possibly awesome.

blu_yu_away3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Are you talking about that interview with Cho posted either yesterday or the day before where he was talking about DLC and how he felt publishers and developers often times overprice it? I was pleasantly surprised at this. Free DLC is always welcome, can't wait to see how they support this one. The first's DLC offerings were paltry to say the least.

Bigpappy3283d ago


This is my 2010 GOTQ for the first quarter (Prediction). The hype I have for this is because I enjoyed the first one so much and this promise to bigger, more action pack, more dialog,Look and play better. If I get 3 out of 5 I will be happy. But Bioware will deliver 5/5, so this means I have to take my vacation in feb and work through the rest of the year. Decisions, decisions. FF13 is a maybe for me. I haven't bought one of those or Madden in years. I hate playing the same thing over and over.

Tony P3283d ago

@blu: I'm talking about the interview to which this article links. I don't think it's the same one.

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_insane_gamer_3283d ago

Why does everything have to be planned as a trilogy? Why can't they just see how ME2 and 3 do and then decide on a fourth?

jakethesnake3283d ago

I think partly it has to do with the story. Your story will be better if you plan it as a trilogy and then make it one. However, if you plan it out and then tack on another at the end, the story can often feel tacked on. Part of the reason why sequels to movies suck so many times - because they weren't originally planned but tacked on as an after thought. Thinking about it and executing it as a trilogy makes sense.

mjolliffe3283d ago

It's only pre-production. So I would expect a teaser trailer at E3 (maybe). Other than that we'll have to wait till 2011.

hitthegspot3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

is comming out in January... I wish it was December. I guess with pre-production on 3 they must have high hopes with 2...

mjolliffe3283d ago

Yeah. They said that they weren't worried about any big Q1 games because ME2 will be so good.

They have confidence.

dpdvxkpizbnwg3283d ago

It's all good with Bioware and EA. Didn't EA get best publisher of 2009?

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