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NowGamer has an in-depth article exploring the features of Realtime Worlds' crime/action MMO

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Myst3287d ago

Pretty informative and all that, and honestly can't wait for this game. I'd rather have it for the 360, but if I must I'll take it for PC. Now all I really need is a release date, I know wikipedia stated March 2010; but thankfully the site stated Spring 2010 and hopefully that is the right one. As those three months are cluttered enough as it is.

NegativeCreepWA3286d ago

I hoping for a console version 360 or PS3 as long as I get to play it ill be happy

CrashFallen3286d ago

APB is coming out to be really interesting. cant w8 to see some real gameplay wwhere the dev is like doing a mission or sumthing.

solar3286d ago

anyone in the beta for this? i got denied :(

farsided3286d ago

the mofo writing this article referred to this decade as "the noughties".

1. It's "naughties".
2. Unless you're british or a huge fan of old english, this makes no sense.
3. This actually was referenced in a recent article "5 terrible names people are trying to give this decade" by Chris Bucholz.
4. I stand behind Bucholz statement that this should be referred to as "the dorkade".
5. To quote: "This is the decade of Fantasy Football, the Rickroll, vampire novels, video games based on vampire novels and losers making jokes about video games based on vampire novels."

Oh yeah...the article was way too long and full of old information. I obviously couldn't make it past the first page out of fury over said "naughties".

3286d ago