BioWare: We Haven't Peaked On 360

BioWare reckons there's still "a lot more power" its future releases can get out of the Xbox 360 hardware.

Cho said that he believes Mass Effect 2 will represent "one of the first games of the second generation," and that the lifespan of the Xbox 360 is "at least a few more years".

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Zhuk3288d ago

The Xbox 360 is the pinnacle of human ingenuity and perfection, with each of its components working in perfect harmony with each other to create the ultimate home entertainment architecture in which developers may realize the full potential of their creative visions in a timely and cost effective manner. This is why Xbox 360 games look better, play better and are overall better titles than their PS3 counterparts, because the Xbox 360 gives developers and publishers the power that they need to fully realize their projects on budget and on time, which allows for a far better defined and polished gaming experience to the end user.

Furthermore the revolutionary and visionary Xbox 360 architecture has allowed for significant future scalability as the Xbox 360 has kept pace with the hottest PC titles whilst the inferior PS3 and Wii have technically fallen by the wayside as gamers have abandoned these platforms in droves for the Xbox 360 these holidays.

Like the ugly twin or the weaker newborn farm animal the PS3 is universally unloved and unwanted and was born with mutations and conditions which make it technologically disabled and retarded, worldwide consumers have gained an insatiable appetite for the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE platforms, providing them with the ultimate home entertainment ecosystem ever devised by man.

The PS3 is such a disaster of epic proportions one could write a doctoral thesis on where Sony went wrong, but for the fandroids out there (a hamster has more intellect than this lot) I shall explain it to them once more why the PS3 is inferior to the Xbox 360. The PS3 is the worst designed console of all time, with its poorly designed architecture and like the runt of the litter the PS3 is a real mangy mutt, it uses a veritable patchwork of garbage and unsuitable components for a home entertainment system, such as the use of the CELL processor, limited RAM, RSX and Blu-Ray a great example of Sony puttings its own corporate greed and interests over that of developers it has created a machine that is horribly inefficient and unwieldy, less powerful than the Xbox 360 while being significantly more to produce. This has led to higher development costs and inferior quality games on the PS3 platform, and consumers in all their wisdom have decided to abandon this sinking ship of a console once and for all.

danthegardner3288d ago

If the ps3 is inferior why do the games look better? O_o

3288d ago
PlayStation X3288d ago

does anyone even bother reading these stupid essays?

talltony3288d ago

"The Xbox 360 is the pinnacle of human ingenuity and perfection, with each of its components working in perfect harmony with each other"

chrisulloa3288d ago


I forgot the literacy rate for 12 year old PS3 fanboys was .5%.

danthegardner3288d ago

Maybe the ps3 fans' tolerance for reading bull crap is .5%

Microsoft Xbox 3603288d ago

Seriously, you owned yourself on the first sentence.

4point7BillionLoss3288d ago

you can tell by the site advertising who it's all aimed at - you all need your teeth whitened - Diet PS3's for the fat droids who need to get ripped !!!!

Udidntlistenpunk3287d ago

Bioware hasnt peaked, but the 360 has.

One can only do so much on peaked hardware.

avengers19783287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It was actually made with dead tech to begin with. Remeber the add on HDdvd player, they did not even have the foresight to add it in the console, or they knew they were supporting the losing media, either way bad. The did not have wifi included they do not have blue tooth connectivity. You have to purchase plug n play adaptors to recharge your controlers, but PS3 controlers are that way right of the bat. You wrote a long as$ statement that had nothing that was true in it at all. that is what makes bots, bots...they can't even see what is real.
the 360 was old hardware that could have orginally sold at 200 bucks but it was not the pinnicle of technology like you claim.
Why does the 360 fail over 50% of the time, and how come the games don't look any better than they did 2 years ago.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3287d ago

Poor droids you still want what you can't have.

2006 this is just a timed exclusive can't wait until Mass Effect in on the PS3.

2010 this is just a timed exclusive can't wait until Mass Effect 2 in on the PS3.

2014 this is just a timed exclusive can't wait until Mass Effect 2 in on the PS3.

How much time do you need to wait? maybe in 2021 the first Mass Effect will make its way to the PS3... oh never-mind that's just some kid at a garage sale putting vintage Xbox 360 games in an old dusty PS3 box. Next to the box is a sticker that says "Save The Whales... Oh F**k That!!! Save The PlayStation Brand It's On Life Support"

Udidntlistenpunk3287d ago

There is no such thing as exclusivity on the 360. The words "exclusive" and "360" should never be used in the same sentence.

Even as you try your hardest to convince us that ME2 isnt coming for the PS3, the game is not a 360 exclusive game. ROFL PWNED.

360, 9 billion loss and counting. Worst flop ever.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"Mass Effect 2 isn't coming out on PlayStation 3. Is that a marketing decision, or a technical ability decision?

Cho: Neither. We started Mass Effect on Xbox 360 - it was our lead development platform. It made sense for us, we built all of our tools around that and again we're leveraging all of that experience working with the 360 and Unreal technology... it just made sense to continue working on that for the sequel.

Does the fact that the original never came out on PS3 make it more difficult to bring the series to Sony's platform?

Cho: I don't think so. Obviously Unreal technology is cross-platform so it opens up that possibility but at the same time - and not in a negative way - we're looking for the path of least resistance. Mass Effect 1 was a huge investment of time, effort and money on developing this brand new IP and making a sequel is all about hopefully learning from all of your mistakes and leveraging that. What we can do is take all of our time hopefully improving the quality of the title.

If we had a few more years then yeah, maybe we'd move to different technologies to make the second one but it just seemed to make sense. We'd just got used to UE3 and we've modified the engine so much..." http://www.computerandvideo...

Ouch! only on MS platforms the Xbox 360 and Windows PC "but but I'll get it on teh PC"

likedamaster3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

About time you post Zhuk!

"We're so proud of the game that I'm not worried at all. I feel like this is actually the best game that has come out of our studio in the history of BioWare. Ray was talking to me about this; of all the games we've made so far this was able to encapsulate everything we've been trying to do in games and present it in such a digestible form.

Each game we've put out has been great, each game has flaws, where as this one represents the pinnacle BioWare experience. If you're going to play one BioWare game ever in your life, this is the one to try." -Bioware

Karooo3287d ago

zhuk I have one word to your stupid essay.


Microsoft not releasing their system one year earlier was not greed? they provided an unstable system just to beat sony. Sony playstation 3 is the most reliable HD console ever.


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4Sh0w3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Anyone who believed the 360 had peaked with Gears2 is just a fanboy who started gaming this gen. Consoles games like pc games always continue to progress as developers learn new tricks with the hardware and develop better software tools and engines. Thats the way its been every gen before this one and I don't see any reason that would change now other than fanboy wishes. Every year a few games will raise the bar over past years best games, with games like Alan Wake, SC Conviction, Reach and ME2 there is no doubt that 360 is doing just that, and ps3 games like GoW3 & GT5 looks like they will continue to truly show off what the ps3 is capable of, I've owned every console all 3 companies have put out and then some(Sega, systems etc) and although in the past there were tons of great games I can't remember a time when Gamers were so spoiled with so many great games in such a short time period.

GWAVE3288d ago

But to be honest, the games you mentioned are NOT significantly better looking than Gears 2 (which wasn't significantly better looking than Gears 1, by the way).

Has the 360 "peaked"? Semantics, I say. The real question is "will we see another major leap forward in physics and/or graphics on the 360?", and the answer to that question is "likely not".

LukaX233288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I want to see visual proof. Gameplay. Not any of that CGI bull.

Ares84PS33288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

that looks better than Gears 2!

Oh and I started gaming in 1988 :)

Hellsvacancy3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

So how cum Bioware hasnt shown it, all talk, no companys gonna bad mouth themselves

Ares84PS33288d ago

Well all devs do that to the system they are devoted to more. They phrase it to hell and back. PS3 devs do the same with the PS3...that they only where able to muster 30% of it's power...etc etc. The only difference is that PS3 devs are actually right....with the 360 we have seen the best it can do. There will be minor improvements but nothing major. Just some little stuff that a new game engine can do. In terms of gfx Gears 2 pretty much is king on the 360.

Christopher3288d ago

I agree that BioWare hasn't peaked. ME1 and DAO on the 360 really don't do wonders to speak towards the full capability of the console. BioWare has a pretty big problem with pushing technical aspects of their games and oftentimes has bloated code, but their RPG elements are typically very good and more than worth playing a game that looks older than others.

If you want to see technology peeking on the 360, look at the latest Red Dead Redemption trailer from Rockstar. I believe it all was 360 captured video, at least most of it was, and it looks wonderful, especially for a freaking open world game setting.

Microsoft Xbox 3603288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Isn't the 360 supposed to be easier to develop for? Shouldn't devs be able to tap into the power much more easily and faster than say the Cell-powered PS3? The 360 has been on the market longer but I have yet to see a game that compares to the graphical quality of Uncharted 1.

Guido3288d ago

Prove it.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Less talk, more games.

Nihilism3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

You people realise the 360 has a more powerful GPU than the ps3?, the only thing holding it back is DVD, if more devs went multi disk, i'm sure we'd see an if only microsoft didn't punish developers in the form of hefty fee's for using multiple disks...

Anyway ME2 looks to be amazing, who knows if the footage was seen was on 360 or PC, we'll know on launch day


"Less talk, more games"

Dragon age and ME2 are being released 2 months apart...just how many games do you need?

CrazzyMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )


Ares84PS33288d ago

Dragon Age and ME2 doesn't prove that Bioware can do better on the 360. We meant show us games that trump Uncharted in the technical department

danthegardner3288d ago

Doesn't mean other studios haven't maxed the 360 out. Dragon Age Origins looks really bad on the 360, I'm sure they can get more out of it because their games do not look good.

Christopher3288d ago

Also, we should note that BioWare didn't do the PS3 port. They hired an outside company to do it, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was an improvement over the 360 and not too far off from the normal settings on the PC version.


it's been a strange generation of gaming but it does feel like there has been a shift like a sub gen of this gen.

it started with killzone 2 and uncharted and now we are seeing the sequels to all those New IP's that got off to a rocky start and also the real implementation of those new engines that in there first rollout were more about getting the tech right ie; AC2 and R* rage engine (compare red dead to gta 4)

now look at second gen games like ME2 and Halo reach, GT5, GOW3.

not to mention Natal and the ps3 motion tech. it does feel like this gen is just getting started - again...

LittleBigSackBoy3287d ago

the SPE's make that a moot point

Ju3287d ago

"You people realise the 360 has a more powerful GPU than the ps3"

Yeah, in fact it does. About 2% more powerful (maybe. I pulled that out of my a..). Doesn't help if you can offload 30% to the CPU to relax the GPU (well, not on the 360, though).

THE MAX SPEED 213287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

RE5 , Lost Planet 2

looks Better than Gears 2 and it's running on Xbox. so What's your point? Like I've said many times in the Past MTframeWork 2.0 is one of the best Engine from this gen. Microsoft should try to score a Deal with the people @ capcom's so they can use it in the future.

StanLee3287d ago

I believe it. With Brink, Rage, Halo: Reach all to be released on the console, it's clear the XBox 360 still has a lot left in the tank.

Saaking3287d ago

Yes, but while we continue to wait for a visually impressive game on the 360, the PS3 is FAR ahead and continues to beat itself. KZ2 then UC2 then GOWIII then Heavy Rain. See the difference?

Ares84PS33287d ago

You are so wrong. RE5 does not look better than Gears 2 nor does LP2. They look good but not as good as Gears 2. Your opinion does not make it so.

Godmars2903287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

You honestly want to use Dragon Age as evidence of graphic quality? Especially on the 360, which is supposedly the worst looking version?

What's your point? Two of those games are on the PS3 as well, while we haven't really seen what Reach has to offer graphically. No actual gameplay. And what has been shown still doesn't look up to par to notable PS3 titles.

avengers19783287d ago

List some games that were better than Gears 2, or Mass Effect One.
Halo Odst and Halo 3 looked exactlly the same. Anyone who thinks there 360 hasn't peaked yet is just a fanboy blinded to there 360. See it's easy to say people that don't agree with you are just fanboys...Much harder to actually prove your point though.

SuperM3287d ago

Because Gears 2 looks better then Mass Effect 2. Surely Bioware hasnt maxed out the 360, because their games are not among the most visually impressive on 360, and lags way behind games like UC2 and KZ2.

pixelsword3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

looking forward to Splinter Cell: Conviction myself

Forza Motorsport 3 looked really sharp, too;

Alan Wake looks great (a pic I'll be comparing to MAG soon)

and from what I hear, War Devil bay be on the 360.

There's no way the 360's peaked; believe that, and you're being tricked into they hype-train: destination, nowhere.

I think the problem is that because the 360 has traditional architecture, not too many people are exploring the hardware for new techniques; once they do, the quality will jump more than what it currently is.

There's more there than meets the eye.

Sheikh Yerbouti3287d ago

The evolution of the technology between and within generations is exciting. I like all gadgets for this reason, but nothing is a powerful and entertaining as gaming to me. The 360 has a lot of room to grow graphically. Albeit not with their GPU, the PS3 has ridiculous potential. I fear we will never tap its full abilities this generation. It may need a 15-year product life-cycle.

GUNS N SWORDS3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Maxing out i think has more to do with the engine you're using.

the developers at turn10 maxed out the forza2 engine, and so they had to rewrite the engine so they can take better advantage of the GPU and CPU.

Every time they make a new engine they're that much better at working with the hardware, and each time a new engine is built they're that much better at making better engines.

take a look at Bungie as well for instance, you can also see the advantage of rewriting a new engine there too.

we won3287d ago

I don't know how the Fanboys have managed to keep that myth alive. GEARS 2 has maxed out the 360, This and that has mxed out the 360. I find it funny as new multi platform games and exclusives keep blowing older games and us away, PS3 fanboys keep trying to keep this false notion alive. LOst planet 2 blows gear away, nevermind Alan Wake, Brink, Readdead, ME2, Halo Reach, Rage, Crysis.

darthv723287d ago

I believe what has peaked is the potential of the unreal 3 engine. Until a newer engine comes out with better coding, those who use the UE3 will basically look as if they have peaked the systems potential. Unreal engine 4 should be better but I want to see cryengine on the 360 take the system past current programming limits.

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Alan Wake3288d ago

in ur face CrapStation Fans

PlayStation X3288d ago

lol look at there games, im pretty sure they couldnt max out the ps2 ffs

2-oj3287d ago

U2 GOTY09 in your face CrpBox3FixMe kid.

BreakNeckSpeed3288d ago

Xbox 360 has at least 4 - 6 years left :D

talltony3288d ago

but mine probably has like 2 months left lol.

avengers19783287d ago

Two if your lucky...But if they keep supporting the 360 after they come out with a new one then you are right 4 to 6, but since microsoft did not support the xbox after the 360 launched it makes sense they won't support the 360 when the new comes out.
Remeber when the 360 came out Microsoft had a 5 year plan, and guess what 2010 is it's five years.

Guitarded3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Two huge differences between Xbox and 360. Xbox only sold 24 million in 4 years and it was losing money for Microsoft. 360 4 years 30+ million and making a profit.

Also Microsoft officials have said this generation would last longer than previous ones. You will not find anywhere that they said they had a five year plan. Feel free to try.

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thehitman3288d ago

is a lot more power compared to what? So far the curve has been very very small if anything at all games havent surpassed gears starting to see multi disc on almost all the big games. Nothing released next year that I seen so far looks like it will knock my sox off.