New videos show improved GTA 4 graphics of the ENB Series mod

The ENBSeries is a popular series of modifications. Among other games it is availalbe for GTA 4, too. Now several videos that demonstrate the graphics improvements have been published.

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kaveti66163131d ago

PC owners get the best of everything. No wonder they complain about not getting dedicated servers. They must be used to all the fluff treatment.

ABizzel13131d ago

Wow, I need to get up on my PC gaming.

superrey193130d ago

guilty as charged hehe. The only problem is that this game doesn't need a face lift, it needs a programming revamp to make it run better! Crysis runs better on my rig than GTA4 :\

Eiffel3131d ago

Could they pick a more horrible song?

champ213131d ago

even the non modded pc version of this game looks a generation ahead of consoles.

3131d ago
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