Playmagazine Review: Darksiders

That's the thing about Darksiders: it's all beautiful, from the environments to the gameplay, to the characters, to the score that courses through it. It's everything Vigil aspired for it to be, and they aimed high. Rather than attempt to reinvent the wheel or emulate a single archetype, they've taken the best gameplay elements from the most universally revered games of the past and made them their own, integrating them into a single epic that has all of the intrinsic hallmarks that define a studio capable of producing the kind of classic Darksiders is destined to be. If ever there was a pure gamer's game, Darksiders is it.

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that's a surprise

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Darn it.This game is good too? Between this and Bayonetta,Heavy Rain, God of War 3,GT5 and MAG. Plus the motion controls coming out adding even more games i'll be bankrupt before the summer game drought.Oh woe is me