Yakuza 3 Has Almost Five Hours Of Custcenes

Sega's PS3-exclusive open-world thriller Yakuza 3 will feature almost five hours of cutscenes according to a listing by UK censors, the British Board of Film Classification.

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Leord3287d ago

Now that is a proper game :)

Rikitatsu3287d ago

The Yakuza games are pretty lengthy, so 5 hours cutscenes shouldn't be shocking.

The game got much longer gameplay segments.

zeeshan3287d ago

I am sooo going to get this game!

thereapersson3287d ago

That, folks, is "Tru Blu" gaming!

Guido3287d ago

I for one love cut scenes because they help flesh out a deep story and if this 5 hours of cut scenes does just that then I am all for it.

raztad3287d ago

Yakuza3 will be an awesome summer game. Dont get me wrong, I just need to get GoW3 before anything else. I'll never understand the logic of releasing Yakuza the same month when GoW3 and FFXIII are coming out.

ShinRyuHadoken3287d ago

They cant even write normal English.

Its Cutscene not Custcenes :(

Lifendz3287d ago

completely agree. I'm glad they listened and took a chance on releasing the game at all, but why set yourself up for failure by going against GOW3? Then again last time I spoke against a game for going against God of War III someone told me that I was protecting my system of choice.

gaffyh3287d ago

Sweet, long cutscenes = good story, Story = the thing that matters the most in a game.

badz1493287d ago

that the cutscene for this is as long as the whole campaign for MW2!

nycredude3287d ago

I can't wait for this game! Bought 1 and 2 for Ps2 and currently playing Yakuza 1. Awesome game. Tight story but fighting is clunky but brutal. i am sure 2 will be better and 3 and 4 will be sick!

AssassinHD3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I am surprised a master of the English language such as yourself would make so many errors in your response. Examples include the lack of punctuation in your last sentence, the capitalized non-proper nouns in the middle of your second sentence, and the lack of apostrophes in your contractions.

So in the course of correcting the author's one mistake, you made five mistakes yourself.

multipayer3287d ago

"long cutscenes = good story, Story = the thing that matters the most in a game."

If that were true, the least important thing would be controlling it. The thing that sets it aside from a movie...

Luckily, Yakuza does everything pretty good.

nix3287d ago

Oh come on. The author runs a site. He's just pointing it out which is so evident right in the headline. No need to get so hyper.

AssassinHD3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I have never been accused to being hyper sir. It is clear that the error is a typo, and as you stated, it is a rather obvious one. So obvious in fact that there was no need to comment on it at all. Correcting a person's grammar in public is not only a breach of social etiquette, but doing so adds nothing to the discussion. I should also point out that the author's position in life makes him no less human.

Edit: I realize that by responding to him with a correction of my own, that I am also breaching etiquette. I am of the belief however that if you are prepared to dish it out, you should be prepared to take it.

meepmoopmeep3287d ago

the demo was good. i didn't understand anything but i'll check it out when it comes out.

Darkstorn3287d ago

I like games with lengthy exposition. All those who disliked MGS4 for it's long cutscenes can go play some mindless shooter.

DaTruth3287d ago

"I have never been accused to being hyper sir."

After the earlier comment, you probably shouldn't have let this pass by!

I also hate when people comment on bad grammar in posts, except when it points out bad journalism in a flamebait article!

orakga3287d ago

While the length of the cutscenes never bothered me, they are NOT SKIPPABLE.

Now, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't complain about this, but Yakuza 3 allows/encourages you to re-play the game over and over again (the EX-Hard trophy requires at least three playthroughs, if I'm not mistaken). It's sort of like Dead Space or Borderlands, where your characters' level and skills/moves are retained in the subsequent playthrough.

I refuse to be FORCED to watch the same cutscenes over and over again, ESPECIALLY if they take up so much time.

This is the reason why I only played through the game ONCE.

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Maticus3287d ago

We all know this game is going to be the mut's. This just proves it even further /cheer!

Dorjan3287d ago

muts? Like a rabid dog?

mastiffchild3287d ago

Yes. The mut's nuts-meaning something very, very good. Although my Dogue's nuts are just massive, frankly, much like his big, ginger head.

Fyzzu3287d ago

Is it wrong that, despite everything else coming out, this is probably one of the games I'm most looking forward to?

Noctis Aftermath3287d ago

It's a great game, if you weren't looking forward to it i'd pity you.

AndyA3287d ago

Not at all. I love the Yakuza games, especially the combat.

Baka-akaB3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Nope , that game easily makes me ditch Gow 3 to a later date .
hell everyone who wished for a US/eu port back then should ditch one among any of the ps3 big franchise they were planned to get .

The flagship titles wont suffer from it , and you can always buy it next month .
While future yakuza western releases are tied to that game's success .

make it the demon's souls of 2010 ... or even better .

DaTruth3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Never played any Yukuza games before, but I can tell it's a good game and it is second on my 2010 wish list aside from GOW3!

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NateDPG3287d ago

Day one for me if the story is as good as in the first game

divideby03287d ago glad its coming here

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