Wii Shop Channel Update: Moki Moki, Castle of Magic, Street Fighter II': Champion Edition & More

Get ready to eat your way to success as Eat! Fat! FIGHT! comes to WiiWare along with the mind-bending, gravity-defying Moki Moki where you'll need to defend the hapless Moki from the ravenous Gromblins. And that's not all: there is magical puzzling in Castle of Magic, animals to look after in Littlest Pet Shop, and a starship to defend in Starship Patrol - all on Nintendo DSiWare today.

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Cheeseknight283284d ago

Until Cave Story shows up on the NA WiiWare, I just don't care.

postofficebuddy3284d ago

Same here. That and La Mulana are the only Wiiware games that I'm really looking forward to.

meganick3284d ago

How many versions of Street Fighter 2 does the Wii shop need? It already has the SNES Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and Super Street Fighter 2.

3284d ago