First Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 scan

V-Jump just revealed a trio of Naruto games including Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, which will be on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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sinncross3287d ago

Its' going multi platform? Did not expect that. Anyway the graphics in that scan of naruto are insane: wow!

Arnon3287d ago

Wow I... didn't see that coming. What were the sales of Ultimate Ninja Storm?

Yi-Long3287d ago

... played the demo for the first game a bunch of times, and really liked it, but the game seems to have been taken off the market or something, cause it's pretty hard to find, or still too expensive for a year-old game.

You would think this game (1st part) would receive some kinda platinum release, with the DLC included...

ABizzel13287d ago

Huge blow to the PS3. This was one of the best fighters this gen (mainly because big name franchises have all been slight disappointments. This was the only exclusive PS3 fighter, now Sony has none.


It sold over 700k which isn't bad. But the weird thing is it did the worst in Japan, not even 100k there.

Going to 360 will probably double sales which is probably the reason they're going multiplat this time.

ABizzel13287d ago

Hopefully they make it 3 on 3 tag matches like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 this time, instead of just using assist characters. And add online, and more characters and powers, and I'm sold (The first Naruto game I bought, it's that good).

Christopher3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Blah, nevermind. Reading skills before coffee < reading skill at all other times.

As far as manga vs anime, Shippuden has been doing pretty well as an anime in following the manga very closely. I'm happy either way.

Baka-akaB3287d ago


It's also because it's was a prettier Narutimate Hero but with less content , while the ps2 and psp series were still going strongly and up to date with the anime .

As for your second point , hum i dont know , i dont like the idea .
Naruto UNJ was already a little chaotic , hell the whole serie lost a bit of it's complexity (yeah i know it was the deepest fighting game but still) the moment it added support and strikers .

Between the obvious imbalances issues and spam , it made it even more of a button masher . At least Ninja storm with it's addition of 3d made it possible to avoid most of the crap thrown at you buy multiple foes .

I say keep it that way , but with every moves the ps2 and psp series already had + new ones , all current characters possibles , and obvious a good online .

GameGambits3287d ago

I wonder how much of Shippuden this will cover.

All the first game lacked was a competitive online mode. If they take the initiative to make it as well rounded as Blazblues net code, but add in a variety of ways to fight it'll be awesome. I'd like to do competitive 2v2 or 3v3 with buddies online against another team of 3.

The game also had really good mini games for the quests which could also translate well into the online to compete against each other. Really all the second one needs to do is cut down on the repetitiveness of the quests and add online fighting to be an outstanding success.

I wonder if they'll be able to squeeze out the same graphical prowess on the 360 as they did with the first one using only the PS3. If they can it's a real slap to Ubisofts face, because their Naruto games on the 360 look like crap lol.

Simon_Brezhnev3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I know i wanna play as Pain/Pein but seriously this is good news. I dont mind this game going multiplatform i mean most teens like Naruto and thats majority of 360 audience.

WildArmed3287d ago

Loved the first one.
Glad to see there is a sequel on the way

Arnon3287d ago

Knowing past Naruto games, we probably wont get up to Pein. Also, those are pretty shocking sales for Japan. Game sounds like it overall did pretty well, though. I own the first one, and... I'm basically the only one I know that owns it :/

rockleex3287d ago

Please make it happen!!! >_<

nbsmatambo3287d ago

bout fcking time they made a shippuden game for the PS3 :D

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Delta3287d ago

Hopefully The PS3 version isnt gimped.

menoyou3287d ago

OH GOD YES!!!!!! If they just focus on online multiplayer it will be a winner. This is what was lacking in the first one. I really hope the PS3 version isn't gimped because of the 360 version either.

Delta3287d ago

Sweet. i like the first one.

Alan Wake3287d ago

PS3 losse another exclusive heheheheehheheh

Go Microsoft Go

Optical_Matrix3287d ago

How can we lose an exclusive when it was announced multiplat in the first place.

NotSoSilentBob3287d ago

CyberConnect2 has the rights to playstation 3 development of Naruto Games. Actually it is the Sony Playstation BRAND. Ubisoft has the rights to make it on the 360 so this is a misprint pure plain and simple. If you disagree with it Go to there website and look under the fan FAQ for Naruto UNS and you will see that someone asked This game looks Great will it come to the 360?

and their reply is No it will stay Playstation Exclusive as Ubisoft are the publishers for Naruto games on Microsoft's Console.

Myst3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It better follow the manga, but seeing as it will be released over here it will more than likely follow the anime.

Blaze9293287d ago

I wish it'd follow the manga :(

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