Forza 2 Design Contest

As part of our June Contest we have a Forza 2 design contest going. Design the coolest N4G themed ride in Forza 2, and you will win $100. All images should be uploaded to this forum thread.

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Evil Rant Monkey4181d ago

I didn't realize how much this game lets you customize. That's frikkin' sweet.

Diselage4181d ago

Not even half way through the month and theres already a lot of good submissions. I expect a lot more and a lot better to come out soon;)

Crazyglues4181d ago

I like that Porsche....that's sweet This is going to be a really cool contest... Nice idea N4G

Hectic_Kris4181d ago

my car made the pic on front page get in... it is really hard makin graphix on the cars well i find it is anyway(probly cus i suk at art)but i like it.. that car took me like 3-4 hours and it was just a basic one workin on a new one now.. peeps are cumin up with great ideas luv the donkey kong carlooks simple but thers alot of work in there

Forzagod4179d ago

That porsche is'nt all that Great I like the donkey kong tho.

zonetrooper54178d ago

I love alot of these designs too, some people can be very creative.

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The story is too old to be commented.