United They Stand: How three guys found Unity in starting a revolution

Develop Online:

The formative years of the UK's game development industry – and, indeed, the global games market as a whole – are littered with enterprises started by people in their bedrooms, basements or garages. Jagex, Rebellion, Blitz; big contemporary companies started not specifically to become gigantic studios, but to make a modest living from doing what their founders loved: developing games that they, and hopefully others, would enjoy playing.

The game technology market, however, is not quite so innocent. Look at the companies making waves in the space, big or small, and you'll see that for most their roots lie not in such humble abodes, but in university research laboratories or existing studios. Call us cynical, but the incendiary spark lighting the touch paper at these firms appears not one of creativity or a desire to do what you love, but of realising you have something of value on your hands.

Perhaps it's unfair to compare a largely creative endeavour with one mostly concerned with engineering; a whole creative vision with something designed to underpin said vision. Motivation aside, the lack of home-grown game technology is palpable.

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