GameSpot: ModNation Racers PS3 Beta Key Giveaway

GameSpot is giving away 2,000 beta codes for the upcoming kart-racing title from United Front Games called ModNation Racers. The beta codes will be available tommorow, Friday, December 18th at 10:00am PT. Grab them and join the fun!

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WildArmed3139d ago

Well here's another beta that can sit on my HDD while i play GoW3 demo -.-

ABizzel13138d ago

Make sure you get a key. Got mine yesterday, and the game is dope. It's Little Big Planet meets Mario Kart (with much better physics).

The creation aspect of the game is perfect, because it's so easy to build a track (even with the limited amount of supplies you get in the BETA).

ModNation Racers seriously has a shot at best Racing game. (Looks at Gran Turismo 5) well the Best Kart Racing game, but it's a really really really good and fun game.

xTruthx3138d ago

I want to be in this beta so bad

MajestieBeast3139d ago

Just got my code downlaoding now1.8gb.

Raf1k13139d ago

Where are people getting codes from already?

Is there another site giving them away?

NegativeCreepWA3139d ago

I got my Qore code when I just checked my email.

NotSoSilentBob3139d ago

used 8 emails and got 3 codes right from sony these same emails will be used again :D the more codes the more or my friends will play.

BabyStomper50003139d ago

Do you mean 8 psn account e-mail addresses? I only have 3 accounts but making more would increase you odds of getting beta keys directly from Sony wouldn't it?

QSPR3139d ago

hey man can I get one please???

xTruthx3138d ago

yah if u wanna share one of those lol

NotSoSilentBob3138d ago

No I just had 8 different emails with 2 of them being made for PSN accounts.

Caffo013138d ago

i registered on the modnation site before december with 4 e-mail address...received 4 beta keys from sony and one from qore..XD

Rhapsodist3138d ago

Anymore extra codes? It would be greatly appreciated if someone can PM me one!

btw it seems like the Gamespot giveaway page hasn't been working for many.. including me! I waited for the countdown and refreshed and signed in.. nothing.

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Twizzlada_Shogun3139d ago

Don't really know how to get one. Says my gamespot account has to be "level 3" to post, it is not.

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The story is too old to be commented.