How the Internet Has Changed Video Games and the Gaming Industry for the Better

Associatedcontent: The Internet has changed many things over the course of its' existence. A quick look around reveals how much it has affected. Lately the music industry, television, movies, DVD rental companies, and retailers have all been forced to adapt to the game changing Internet. One area where the presence of the Internet is often taken for granted is video games. Yes, most avid gamers know that many experiences they have with video games has been enhanced by the Internet.

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-Alpha3284d ago

the internet brought us online gaming and surely people have enjoyed playing online.

I think a more interesting article would be how internet has been a downside for gaming. Xbox Live Fees, micro-transactions/DLC,withhol ding content to be sold for $ later, releasing poorly tested games early with the intention to patch it through updates, communicating with juvenile idiots are all very, very, valid reasons for how much crap the internet has punished the gaming industry with.

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