Take-Two suffers huge losses; Borderlands sells 2 million

As warned earlier this month, Take-Two's yearly revenue took a huge hit. As warned earlier this month, take-Two's yearly revenue took a huge hit. Although the losses were no worse than expected they still did have a year-end net loss of $137.9 million and a Q4 net loss of $22 million.

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buckethead_9113283d ago

2 Million! Very Impressive!

thereapersson3283d ago

Though, I can't seem to fathom how Take 2 lost so much!

RememberThe3573283d ago

They must be investing a ton of money in the future. They have Agent, Bioshock 2, Max Payne, Red Dead and a ton of other titles they're releasing next year.

Seems this is the coast they pay for getting punked by MW2.

Anon19743283d ago

They always have. Take Two has been on the verge of bankruptcy for years, and it doesn't matter how good a product they put out because their management is so bad. The only thing that keeps them going is once every few years they put out a Grand Theft Auto and dig themselves out of their hole for a couple of years.

Back when they turfed their entire board, the new board came out pledging to reign in uncontrolled spending. Then they gave themselves huge raises and big bonuses to the company that was responsible for hiring the lot of them. That sent up warning flags right there.

And now, surprise, surprise they're still losing money hand over first. As much as EA has been demonized over the years, I think the EA buyout would have been the best thing that could happen to them if it had gone through, instead of continuing to hemorrhage money for years while putting out some amazing games.

ConnorSmith3283d ago

Surprised me thats for sure, but it is a great game and the copies sold just further demonstrates that!

GameOn3283d ago

That is a huge loss. It boggles me how they can even lose that much money considering their games all seem to be successful.

NoOoB1013283d ago

I better get a borderlands 2 with maybe different planets involved

Magnus3283d ago

2 million i thought the sales figures for Borderlands would have been a bit higher its a great game gets a little frustrating every now and then cannot wait for the new DLC. If they put the GTA4 DLC on the PS3 now then that sales figures might be better.

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The story is too old to be commented.