Forza 3 vs Gran Turismo 5 - Gameplay vídeo

Eurogamer Portugal published a gameplay video comparing Forza 3 vs Gran Turismo 5.

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DasBunker3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

finished game vs a thing that sony themselves cant even call a "demo" because how compressed it is and all the aspects they left out..

way to go..

Saaking3223d ago

IMO GT5 is in every way better than Forza.

thereapersson3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Well yes sir, Eurogamer, you are invited to the party! What's that? You invited yourself? Well, no worry, because the general populace will buy right into your partial bullsh1t, no questions asked!


edit: @ JokesOnYou

I'm sure you well-aware of WHY exactly the Time Trial demo looks like it does. Do you honestly, with any of whatever rational thought you have in your mind, think that 220 MB of compressed, stripped-down game is going to look anywhere near like a product that's near completion?

The fact that people are even putting these two up against each other when Gran Turismo is in the state that it is in with this demo really shows just how good the GT engine can be -- even when it's hacked down to a bare-bones presentation.

JokesOnYou3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Im glad GT5 isn't finished yet, still needs some better textures and environments to catch up to Forza3, hopefully in the end it will match it in physics and damage as well.


edit, Calm down thereapersson, 220mb doesn't mean this was compressed and therefore ruined the quality, it simply means that this is a very small snapshot of GT5's current gameplay, in other words this demo is so short its only 220mb.

BloodyNapkin3223d ago

This is how people try to beat around the bush, "Comparing a full game to a demo" Hogwash we say. Ok take the demo of Forza3 and then the demo of GT5 then compare.

thereapersson3223d ago

Forza 3 was pretty much the way it was going to be when they released that demo. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue still had a lot of work to be done to it before it could even begin to consider itself representative of the final Gran Turismo 5 product. By the time Forza 3 came out, the game had already gone to "Gold" status.

Guido3223d ago

That a highly compressed "alpha-demo" of GT5 looks and plays better than the retail title, Forza 3. Kudos to Sony for knowing how to pick 'em.

Shadow Flare3223d ago

I just watched the video and GT5 absolutely destroys Forza 3 in visuals. Anyone who says that forza 3 looks better then GT5 needs to donate their eyes to somebody more worthy of them

Off topic-
Just saw this funny video that some might like

Wrathman3223d ago

yes its just stupid to compare these using a compressed demo/trial thing.or wotever polyphony r calling it.

@saaking 1.2 -
IMO GT5 is in every way better than Forza.

have to disagree there.not in everyway better.tho every driving game fails to hold my attention,i have to say each of these games has its own pluses.i think that in terms of driving physics,any driving game has just about nailed the physics of a real aint that difficult anymore and they wont be the difference here.

but to my point.the good and unique things about gt5 will the the finish on the cars and the level of depth in the game.then there is forza.wot i liked about forza is the level of customisation.and i think the GT series stopped that in GT2.not to mention the online auctions.which is fantastic.wot we will get in gt5 is a load of slider bars to adjust the setting.pretty boring.

im not dissin gt5 and im not dissin forza.forza is not as hardcore.a driving game is a driving game is a driving game.end of.

gt5 will have 1000 cars right out of the bag.and forza had x amount.but in terms of paint jobs combined with engine and body mods ,gives an infinite amount of unique cars.

but who doesnt want to do the top gear track?

GT5 will probably be the 2nd ps3 title i buy in the last 3 years

thereapersson3223d ago

What does that article prove? Of course it's GT code. What do you think it would be? Forza or Ridge Racer code?

The fact of the matter is, there are things absent from the demo that are still in pre-release versions of the actual game. Examples are, no tire skid marks or smoke when cornering, and the biggest omission is no damage modeling whatsoever.

I'm not mad or anything, I just hope that people know how trimmed this demo really is, and that it's really stupid to compare it to Forza 3 in such a manner. I would hope you realize this.

Pennywise3223d ago


I know you are all ironic tricking people into thinking you are speaking how you feel, but really you are trolling. So the believers are trick, so the jokes on them...

But in the future at least put a little effort into your posts. The demo was 200mb. That is the smallest demo ever. They left out all kinds of details. You can not slightly compare the final product to this demo.

Bungie3223d ago


the reviewers and developers was right when they said forza 3 is definitive

LukaX233223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

The GT Academy Demo wins and it's not even the final look of the game.

PS: Notice how they lowered the volume of the music to the GT Academy Demo gameplay to make it seem boring. It's like when those 1800 ads have a competing products' brand shown in black and white footage. I might be a little paranoid but I notice these things way too much in these "comparisons".

Mr Marbles3223d ago

car looks better, environment looks better, and it sounds better.

GT5 interior looks better, in fact it looks like the interior shots we have seen in the full game, which means the graphics in this supposed not a demo are what the final build will likely look like.

Sorry GT5 fans but looks like Forza3 is indeed, definitive.

Hoggy19833223d ago

I'm not aiming this at anyone in particular but I find it hilarious that loads of PS3 fanboys attack the demo for the supposed God of War 3 competitor, Bayonetta, as being rubbish. Yet when a demo comes out for GT5 they're "but its not the finished article...hasn't got this, hasn't got that".

In truth I agree with the opinion that a demo is often far from the finished article. However, I'd like some equivalence in the use of that notion.

Microsoft Xbox 3603223d ago

Pay attention to the media when they compare PS3 demo's with 360 exclusives. They intentionally leave the word "demo" out of the title.

That being said, the GT Academy demo still owns the full retail 360.

DeepInterludium3223d ago

Polyphony just sets much higher standards which is why people are disappointed. The game doesn't even look bad, blows Forza 3 away in the comparison. And just think about having 16 highly detailed cars compared to Forza's 8 cars that look like plastic.

@Hoggy1983 Bayonetta is already out...

Hoggy19833223d ago

Why the name when you hate it? Is this the worlds worst attempt at subterfuge?

Bigpappy3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I am surprise. I thought GT5 with the extra time would insure it look better than Forza3. The game is not out yet though, so there is still time to tweak. The textures in the environment, like roads and trees look more detailed in Forza3. Maybe GT engine doesn't work well with the cell. But they could hold forza back to the fall and put some more work on the graphics. Maybe bring in Naughty dog or one of the western developers who spent the time to figure out the cell.

Why o why3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

what a tool like comment

have u forgotten gt5p sill look better than forza 3 or something. playstation games dont go backward brother so keep ur misinformed comments to yourself.

modnation racers is the sh!t people...theres over 30 ug tracks to download already. Its gunna be BIG in 20ten

Hoggy19833223d ago

Its not out in the UK, where I'm based, until January 8th. Is it out in the US yet? If you mean Japan hasn't it been getting great reviews there?

Even beyond January 8th my point still stands.

GVON3223d ago

there's no getting away from the poly count advantage on GT5's dashboard.

I would of used the tuned version from GT in this vid though.

frostypants3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Is the Forza in-car view REALLY that bad? It looks 2D and cheap. And why is it so washed-out looking in a supposedly daylight race?

And the only place that the outdoor textures looked "better" for Forza in this video were where the car was driving through the wooded area, but GT had no equivalent video of such an environment so it's invalid to judge on that segment. On the track portions, GT looked just as good environmental-texture-wise, but had much better lighting and looked sharper.

I mean really,'d have to be insanely deluded to claim that Forza looks better here. C'mon.

I did like the Forza engine sounds, but in terms of realism GT wins that as well. Forza went the arcade-route on the sound front.

frostypants3223d ago

And by the way, Eurogamer (a classic pro-360 site if there ever was one) did a Digital Foundry piece that compared GT5:P to Forza 3 several weeks ago, and concluded that even THAT early version of GT5 beat Forza 3 in graphics.

It got sandbagged by N4G.

lowcarb3223d ago

For the record and especially after seeing this footage GTp and GT5 come nowhere near Forza 3. The lighting in GT5 is great and all but it's to much and was obviously add to hide many flaws. If T-10 were to just redo the lighting in Forza3 it would really smash GT5. The talk of GTP and 5 looking much better is hilarious to read.

we won3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

GT5 demo isn't anywhere close to Forza 3 the video was captured poorly or tampered with why is the Forza footage so fuzzy and have smashed detail in blocks? Why is the forza 3 footage much darker than it really is on that track? I promise you guys ignore these PS3 fanboy attempt at damage control with all these low quality videos(720p? LOL).On a 1080p HDTV GT5 demo looks like a PS2 game in comparison to forza 3(not the cars though)

I agree with JOKES ON YOU, the 220mb size excuse is getting old, the demo is one simply track and two version of one car for christ sakes.
It's not the lackluster graphics I'd be worried about it's the physics in every sense. The driving mechanics are horrid.

frostypants3223d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

You're either blind or sadly wishful. Wish in one hand, the other, see which one gets filled first, my man.

The Forza in-car looks AWFUL in comparison. No impartial viewer would deny that. And again, answer my question: why does the Forza sky look like daylight, but the objects all look dim? Why is the lighting so bad? Is it a glitch, or are the lighting effects just poorly done?

The pro-360 site Eurogamer already gave the visual crown to GT5:P over Forza 3, so I'd really like to hear someone explain that.

@1.27: Those photos aren't that impressive. I just don't see it.

Why is it so important to you people for us to think Forza 3 looks as good as GT5? If Forza 3 is good enough for you, great. Go play it then. Right now it sounds like you're trying to justify your purchase.

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Sackdude3223d ago

This comparison is useless

because they are comparing 200mb unfinished product(GT5 acadamy demo) to a full finished game (forza 3)...

this is so unprofessional.

BloodyNapkin3223d ago

No cause you think that it is. All we have to do is compare Forza 3 demo to the GT5 demo. Simple enough. And WTF is everyone's deal with awww man it is 200 meg's, doesn't matter how big the file size is. But the problem is the demo of forza looks exactly how forza looks.

Alcon Caper3223d ago

For reals. When did DEMO SIZE become a valid argument? Why would Sony release a demo that was so unrepresentative of the final product that it wouldn't be comparable to any other game.

This is by far the lamest excuse I've read on N4G.

Hoggy19833223d ago

The only thing we know for certain at this present time is that Forza 3 is a great game.

We'll also know if GT5 is a great game when its released.

waltercross3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Size does matter, anyone who knows computers knows this.
200 mb game could mean lower textures, and a shorter game
then one that is 2 gb.

So if ANYONE says that size does not matter they are
kidding themselves.

so the Full game of GT5 should have and will have
far better Textures then It's Demo, duh.

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Rocco Siffredi3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

The droids search for excuses:

"only 220 MB demo"
"downgraded demo"
"a demo which got compressed"

Droids like Saaking and many more retarded kings here on n4g still think that GT5 beats Forza3 in EVERY WAY.. well maybe only with the CARS but the whole environment looks like crap!

Same with Heavy Rain.. only the characters looks great.

thereapersson3223d ago

Says the worst troll on this website, who has been caught stealing and using other members' posts disguised as his own. Epic fail on all counts for you!

Mr Marbles3223d ago

maybe GT5 beats forza with the cars. In this video the 370 in Froza looked a lot better, and we have yet to see any actual game footage of GT5 cars looking better than Forza3 cars, most of what we have seen of GT5 cars so far have been bullshots.

talltony3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

If you compare this tiny demo of 2 cars and a plain track to forza 3 then you are dissing forza 3. I would bet anyone that when GT5 comes out next year everyone will be blown away.


You fanboys look for bait anywhere. Prologue looks better than this demo.

3223d ago
Kevin Butler of Sony3222d ago

a 200mb demo looks better then a game having to be put on 2 discs.. yikes.

have fun with 18 tracks and 200 cars bots. Ill have fun with over 70 tracks and 1000 cars

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Rocco Siffredi3223d ago

GT5 200 MPH looks like 100, lol....

Hanif-8763223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

You must be the dumbest person on here...GT5 speedometer is in "kilometers per hour" and Forza is in "miles per hour" and this video was made to make GT5 look bad because they gave it no music, so it just didn't seem fun. However, we a know Gran Turismo 5 will be a revolution when it comes out because this demo isn't a true represention of the real thing, Sony confirmed this; its a highly compressed demo taking away from the visual quality, even GT5 prologue looks better.

ps3hasnogamess3223d ago

gt5 is a carbon copy of forza 3..

diego7503223d ago


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