Team Fortress - War Update Released

TF2 Blog: Sorry, Demomen. You fought the good fight and kept it far closer than anybody could have predicted. But in the end, at the noon Thursday deadline, the Soldiers kept their razor-thin lead, with 6,406,065 killed Demomen to the Demo's score of 6,372,979 killed Sollys.

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iceman29293203d ago

Soldiers FTW!
im so glad i picked up my copy of TF2 for 2$ during the Halloween sale :)

Pandamobile3203d ago

Soldier: Go back to Calgary to coward and Canadian!

iceman29293203d ago

Im so glad that you :
A) recognized my flaming C
B) Knew about the Soldier quote.
Thank you for making my night. now off to study for my final 2mrw morning ( who the hell schedules a final exam for 9am on a Saturday)

mcgrawgamer3203d ago

I need my gunboat shoes tonight valve; and I won't stop playing until u pay me what u owe!!!

Battlefield3203d ago

welcome to the united states ofyou just got dominated

micro_invader3203d ago

Was anyone else a double agent during the war? XD

I'll admit that I switched to the soldier a few times while we were being dominated. Shame on me.

tdrules3203d ago

i expected crafting to be a little fairer.
81 smelted items for one hat ;__;
ah well, i need more hats, I've played for 100 hours and unlocked my first headpiece the Camera Beard today...

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