IGN: What Spider-Man Can Learn from Arkham Asylum

With all the accolades getting tossed around this time of year – platform game of the year, game of the year, graphics of the year, day of the year, etc. – it's only right that IGN doubles back and re-congratulates Batman: Arkham Asylum for being the first truly amazing comic book game to ever hit the market. There have been good comic games before, but this one blew the competition out of the water. Now that gamers are living in a post-Arkham Asylum world, it's clear that more will be expected from comic-based games than ever before.

That means trouble for Spider-Man; the last few webhead games were bad for Peter Parker fans, but compared to Arkham Asylum, they were complete garbage.

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vhero3163d ago

Spiderman games should stop now I think they hit the peak on the PS2 and won't get better.