Final Fantasy 8 coming to Playstation Store today

Final Fantasy VIII will be on the US PLaystation Store when it updates later today.


The game is now available. Use the search function if you can't find it.

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WildArmed2953d ago

time for Squall n Siefer to duel it out one last time before I put this legend to rest.

NecrumSlavery2953d ago

Sweet! Now we all can move on to begging Square for Xenogears.

BTW, why the hell is the US PSN Store updating so damn late this past month. It seams like it's as late as around 8pm any more.

Btw2 if you want HD PS3 movies PM me

iamtehpwn2953d ago

We got FF8.

...Wait wut. ;\

Oh well. I love Final Fantasy 8. I still own a functioning CD-based copy of it.

Redempteur2953d ago

Exactly ... XENOGEARS now please

TheDeadMetalhead2953d ago

Crap. Time for a new PSN card. >.<

calis2953d ago

Dear Sony,

Give EU something!!!!

MAiKU2953d ago

i am so all over this.

Solidus187-SCMilk2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I quit playing this game somewhere on disk 3 back in the day. I still have the disks so maybe ill play it someday.

Seeing this makes me want to play FF7 tho, but I dont like the idea of putting those disks in the ps3. If it broke with one my FF7 disks in it is [email protected] a brick. Im gonna smoke some kif and play it anyways!

Ravage272953d ago

only KH2 comes close. Still own the original PS1 disc, must have played it at least 33 times lol

SaiyanFury2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I've been watching the PS Store for months, waiting for FF8. I went into the updated PS Store with continued skepticism, but when it popped up, I did indeed shout out, "SWEET!". I am downloading it as I type here. My next suggestion would be either Xenogears or Chrono Cross. I never played very much of Xenogears, but I know it's good. I have finished Chrono Cross and loved it all the way. Now bring on Brave Fencer Musashi!

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Reshun2953d ago

This will keep me busy while I wait for PA to ship my 13 fantasy final.

johnmark19822953d ago

cant wait this game was awesome

Perkel2953d ago

100% Pure double Squaresoft Awasomnes!!!

now only ffIX for my collection :D

saint_john_paul_ii2953d ago

im pretty sure we will see FFIX next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.