Gran Turismo 5 demo: Am I doing it wrong?

Dale North: "Sony was kind enough to send me the Gran Turismo 5 demo, what the call the Time Trial Challenge, a few days early, so that I might play it and talk about it. So I did play it, and I enjoyed it. I've been trying to beat my initial time, but I'm afraid I suck. I'll continue on, watching my ranking fall as it goes live for you all later today."

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WildArmed3202d ago

exactly what I predicted from destructoid lol

deadreckoning6663201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I had the same problem. I had no idea how to control the car whatsoever. Instead of making fun of people for not knowing how to do something why not tell them what they are doing wrong so they can improve. No one is born knowing everything and we all know damn well that the average joe would have a difficult time with this demo.

I WANT to enjoy this demo, I just don't know why I can't make a decent turn. I know the shift is used for something but I don't know what.

doG_beLIEfs3201d ago

Ideally, you need a Logitech wheel with built for GT. After using these wheels you cannot play GT any other way if you want to enjoy it.

Having said that, this is NOT an arcade racer, you need to feather the gas around turns while taking the proper apex and hitting the break BEFORE the turn and accelerating out of each turn without pushing down to hard on the pedal. Think of it like you are driving a real car, then you will do better. At first you will think that you are going slow, but after viewing a replay or 2, you will realize what you are doing wrong and correct it.

Don't jerk the wheel or the analog stick be it for gas/brake or steering. Use smooth fluid movements (it takes practice) and you will spin out much less. If you lose control, do not FLOOR it or you will never regain control.

Only floor it once you hit the 2/3 mark of turns (if its at a hard angle wait till you come out of it completely) and on straight aways.

I hope this helps

But for the full experience, GET THE LOGITECH WHEEL. The G25 is a great wheel and the soon to be released G27 will be the official wheel for GT5. (as far as I know)


Lou-Cipher3201d ago

This Engine is far more realistic that GT Prologue.

You cant slam the gas down when you come out of a corner and expect it to not spin out of control like you can in Forza 3 & GT Prologue.

Heavy braking will also spin you out if you are turning.

I know it is hard to understand how fast you are going when entering and exiting a corner, because you cant feel G-Forces like you can when driving a real car.

Just pay attention to the speedometer and the RPM's when entering & exiting corners. You wont master the track in 1 or 2 laps, so just take your time and try to improve every turn in every lap, and you will get it soon enough.

I have been playing alot of Forza 3, and this driving engine is nothing like Forza 3. It took me a few laps to realize that this is an actual Driving Sim, and you have to apply real world driving technics to keep your car on the road.

This is the first console Racing Sim to actually get the traction right. After experiencing the new engine I am that much more excited to play the Full Game in 2010.

Saaking3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

GT is NOT hard. It's just not an arcady racer. It's a sim. You need to get used to it before you're good at it. Playing it one time only is not enough.

LiL T3201d ago

Great advice for anybody that wants to enjoy this game, also it seems that slower/smmother results in better times ( if that even makes sense). I started of with the tuned Z and turned in a 1:54:736 and now im down to a 1:41:969 with the DS3. I hope to cut that down tomorrow when I pick up a wheel. Still debating on DFGT or G27, any suggestions, I will only be using it for the PS3?
Thans ahead of time.

ReservoirDog3163201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

You know, I had the same problem whether this is fanboy stuff or whatever...

I can't do turns. I just spin out. I realize this is on the hardest mode but I just can't do it at all. Anyone want to PM me pointers? I really want to get into racing games.

edit: I think I'm better than the guy in the video though.

ThanatosDMC3201d ago

Time to mark it down in their reviews "because it's too realistic compared to Forza 3." He needs to get a wheel.

shawnsl653201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

i'm still waiting for a special GT5 edition to come out with their own control wheel. As for now, it's spinout nation for me.. either that or i'm blaming it on the 350z. They should've set the R2 button as the gas function, since you can get more control out of that than the X button for this time trial.

we won3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

There isn't some secret trick you have to learn from others that know it. The game has the driving mechanics and phyiscs of Ridge Racer on Ice. It's clear PD is all over the place trying to adjust the game's supposed Simulation to better compete in the genre.

beardpapa3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

i've come to the conclusion we won is the greatest comedian on n4g. Anyway, you guys having a hard time spinning out etc should try flooring a 370z on 2nd gear while making a turn. Like others have said, take it slow like you're driving a real car and you'll figure it out. Best w/ the G25 though. I wonder how much my time will improve w/ it. I'm currently at 1:38 w/ the tuned Z on the DS3 and very anxious to play on the wheels.

Anyway the dbag on destructoid isn't even playing the game. Am I to really expect him to "love the hell" out of the game when he drives like that? From the video, it's obvious he just wants to crash cars. Burnout is better suited for his kind.

LiL T3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

You can go to the options and map the buttons what ever way you want. I prefer, L analog - steering, R analog - Gas/brake, L1 & R1 for shifting and the rest are mapped for RA functions ( although they are usless in the time trial but work great on GT5p)

@Beardpapa, Nice time with the DS3, I can't even sleep knowing I will be getting a wheel tomorrow haha. I know what you mean about the real car spin. I drove a friends Z06 about 8yrs ago and just touched the gas arround the corner and almost sh1t my pants and close to buying a new Z06 at the age of 22

Yes we won is the tool of the year.

doG_beLIEfs3201d ago

GT5p used a modified GT4 engine along with built for PS3 graphics engine.

This "demo" uses the NEW GT5 engine and not even GT5p quality graphics. The point of this "demo" is to demonstrate the physics engine which IMO it does beautifully.

For those of you who have played F3 I hope you now realize that what you were playing is NOT a simulator compared to this. Just like a real car you have to

brake before the turn
feather the gas on the s curves or smaller turns
take the proper angle on turns
exit turns at the right apex
turn left to turn right or turn right to turn left (especially on the tighter corners)
accelerate at the right time out of turns without flooring it right away
use smooth fluid motions when steering (you wouldn't jerk the wheel of a real car and NOT expect to crash would you?)
pay attention to what gear you are in by looking and listening to the RPM's especially in manual
watch your speed especially before a tight corner
only floor it out of the lighter turns and on straightaways

Remember this "demo" is on professional mode with no help from the computer (looking at you F3)

practice practice practice
hint...if you mess up right away, start over or you will just get frustrated

Thank Master Sensei Kazunori Yamauchi and his team for this amazing physics engine

and prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor when the full game hits!!!!!!!


Feel free to PM me with any other questions anyone may have. I have been playing GT since the original Japanese release back in 1997.

2Spock3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Ok for all the people saying well you cant play it like forza or it is a real sim (that's why the default the gas to X button instead of R2). Horsesh!t plain and simple. I am a amid racing fan i have played all the Gt series and this handles nothing like a real car at all or even a decent driving game for that matter. Now before it was in Gt5P the controls was to tight which i didn't like and now they are to loose which is even worse. You go to taking turns at 40mph you would come to a complete stop taking a decent turn which we know is BS. Now you take the same turn at 40mph and you spin out which is complete BS. For being such a Gt fan i am not understanding what they are doing constantly making big changes to the game. And i will bet any amount of money they will change again before the release.

@doG beLIEfs
And for anyone that races or drives in real life this handles nothing like a real car sorry.

SWORDF1SH3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Well I thought it handled exactly like a powerful car.

The new physics engine rocks and very challenging to master.

If some people find it to challenging they can put on all the assists when the final version comes out.

This games is going be something speacil because Yamauchi never disapoints.... NEVER!

Edit: @ Dog. I disagreed with you by accident. I was supposed to disagree with 2Spock. What you said is spot on and I will bubble you up.

LazyDevs3201d ago

Funny how all these people keep saying racing sim blah blah blah. But none of them race in real life. Sounds like most of them take cabs. cause if you think a real Nissan handles that way then you are sorely mistaken.

SWORDF1SH3201d ago

Lol ok. I cant say if you drove a powerful car of not but the chances are no. And likewise I can't prove to you I have.

But I think people are going to put Yamauchis word before yours..

... unless the people who read your comment are trolling Xbots.

Douwantit3201d ago

Well i own a 2009 370z in real life and my car handles nothing like this demo. So take it for what you want.

SWORDF1SH3201d ago

Its a strange world when 12 year olds start to drive high performance cars. Get A Life.

Lol at the extent people will go to, to make GT5 look bad.

What you say will not matter. The only people who will listen or believe you are the people that are already against GT5 (a.k.a MS @ss lickers).

PirateThom3201d ago

Have you people ever driven any type of car?

If you're turning into a corner and go full on the power, in most cars, you're going to lose control.

You need a bit of damn grace and precision on the pedals (and using pedals are HIGHLY recommended). I would also use the face buttons over the triggers or analogue stick for power/brakes because the face buttons are still analogue and pressure sensitive and better placed than the triggers).

badz1493201d ago

I haven't started using the tuned Z yet but had drove rounds and rounds with the normal Z and is currently best at around 1:55 something and last time I saw was on the 5 hundred something in the ranking!

the control is something that really needs getting used to as I was never a serious GT player. on the graphic department, the environment is plain and lifeless but the cars look great although I acknowledge that this is for demonstrating the physics and the graphics could be much more polished in the final build. but my biggest gripe is the occasional freezes (about 0.5s to 1s - can't tell accurately but the freezes are there!)! always happen during the time when I was taking the corners, and with the freezes, I always turned out of the supposed angle that I was aiming and it annoys the hell out of me! has anybody else experiences this? just wanna know

Microsoft Xbox 3603201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I like how people here pretend to own the cars featured in the demo. Somehow I sure you guys haven't even driven a car yet let alone own one. So please. Like PirateThom said, if you use too much power on the turns you will spin out. This isn't an arcade racer where you can attack every corner at 100+mph.

Proxy3201d ago

I know in GT5 (possibly Forza, I don't know) many races are done with full computer assistance turned on in the car. This doesn't disqualify them from being a sim, because these things exist in real life. I know GT5P was a spin fest if you turned off the assistance, and the GT5 Demo probably has them off by default.

It's much easier to keep control when a computer wont allow you to spin your wheels for more than a millisecond.

vhero3201d ago

Yeah GT has gone ULTRA realistic with this game. Since the start of the series GT has always tried to be the most realistic driving sim and this one is the best. Forza/NFS/GRID etc.. all follow the racing games of old and let you burn around corners at stupidly fast speeds for the fun factor which to be honest isn't a bad thing. GT5 is a completely new game its so damn realistic you cannot compare it to any other racer even Forza. The devs did a great job with this games however fans of the previous games will probably not like this one as its not for everybody.

Amir513201d ago

Guys if any of you go over to the options screen you will see that all driving aids are turned off and the physics are set on professional. That'l be why you all suck - dont worry the full game will have them all turned on as default just like all previous GTs.

40cal3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Trying to take that corner at a buck twenty four is not ever going to happen. You want to get better at this game? Take your car down to your local race track on a Friday or Saturday night, you will realize that trying to turn anything that weighs 1-3 tons that is moving that fast is not easy or just not going to happen.

Learning how to drive and learning how to play GT are the same thing.

Driving makes me better at GT and in turn playing GT makes me a much better driver.

Edit: @ Amir51^^^
Thats how the game should be played, well IMO.

ShinFuYux3201d ago

The game isn't 100% like real life, that's obvious, so those who say it is. They are just fooling themselves.

But, I've played the Gran Turismo series since GT2 and one thing that you need to learn is how the Game physics act. See, you can't just sit down and compare real life physics with this game, because a lot of it isn't there.

While polyphony concentrates on how the car is suppose to react to a certain speed, with certain types of specs, they are ignoring the whole idea that a driver needs to "feel" his car. When you're driving a car, you're suppose to "feel" how the car is reacting to a certain turn, how hard you're braking and etc.

I mainly enjoy this series because I've played it for a while. So i'm familiar with it. But, I can understand other people's frustration towards it, especially when everyone says "this is the most realistic driving simulator". Newcomers hear this and play this game expecting it's 100% like real life, and honestly, they're going to walk away very disappointed. You have to approach this game like every other game, then from there, acknowledge that they are TRYING to simulate real life.

nnotdead3201d ago

i have an older RWD car, and yes if i took the turns even at the speeds of the 370z i would fish tail and/or lose control. though it was a lot easier for me to regain control on the demo than in real life. may have something to do with the traction control. my car doesnt have TC, so the wheels just keep spinning until i can correct my mistake.

i cant say how real life the physics are. i've never driven on this track or a 370z. it still feels nice. also, if you use a controller it will never feel real. i will try some more laps tonight.

Allelujah003201d ago

Ok I don't have a steering wheel or whatever it is. Plus this is my first racing game in 3 years besides the Need for Speed Shift demos and I'm doing 100000 times better than this guy. I just have the typical dualshock controller and at first my time with the tuned car was 1:58 but now its 1:42. and for the normal car it was 2.22 and it's now 1:57.

So here's what to do if you're struggling. USE THE GUIDELINES ON THE TRACK!! When you see red jam that square down intensely then let go of x and square and just use the stick to make a smooth turn once you see your left back tire make the turn jam the x and accelerate the hell out of there. HOWEVER, this technique does not work at the S-curve(the area right before where you would start the trials). In that area take it slow and make the turns. Also, use the blue lines located on the curves, you can't go on the grass to cut a turn cause it will get that lap invalidated however if you go over the blue lines you shave milliseconds off your time which will aid you significantly in your overall time. Lastly in the menu before the race there is a place called "Driving options" go to the "traction" option and increase it to 10 for beginners. This will help your turns and decelleration. Once you begin to get the hang of it keep pulling the traction down until you believe its too much to handle. All of this together should help you out, it helped me. :)

shadow27973200d ago

For those that don't have a wheel (like me) and don't like accelerating/braking with the right stick (like me), you can go to options at the main menu and map the accelerate/brake to R2/L2. This will make it easier to vary the pressure on the gas and brake.

Now to be honest, I've been playing GT since GT2, and I still suck. It takes an incredible amount of precision and patience to be really good at these games. It can be frustrating, but with practice, it pays off. Or, if you're not a fan of that, there's always assists ;-).

If you honestly want to be able to play it without spinning out, start by driving slowly. Let off the gas (a lot), and brake early. As you grow accustomed to how it feels, you can push the car harder. But first, you need to get accustomed to the basics of turning. Always brake THEN turn. Do not try to turn while you're braking. Move from the outside of the road, to the inside of the turn back to the outside of the road (or just follow that convenient little line). Only start accelerating once you exit the apex (the center of the turn, most of the time, some large turns have more than one apex, but don't worry about that right now).

Mastering all of this is the tricky part. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be pushing to shave tenths off your times in no time! Good luck!

Now, for reference (and to clarify what I mean by 'suck'), my current time for the tuned is 1:42:##, and the factory time is somewhere around 1:58, I think. Like I said, I've been using the DS3. My goal is to try and get somewhere around 1:40, we'll see how that turns out. After hearing all of you brag about your Logitech wheels, I think I'll have to spring for one when the full game releases.

Oh, and PS. (I know this is long, sorry), to those claiming to have high performance cars that handle differently to this game, there's a huge difference between taking a turn at 10 mph and taking a turn at 40+. Take your car out to a track and try it out. But you may want to invest in some good insurance first. ;-)

Pillage053200d ago

I'm sorry to all the people trying dis gt5 (cmon really?) but seriously, the physics in the demo are beautiful. I noticed someone commented that it doesn't really handle like the real life car, turn off the traction control and it's about as spot on as you're ever going to see in a video game.

And yeah, for the people worrying about it being too hard, the computer assistance option, and all of that stuff will be there in the full game, don't worry.

It also feels a lot better if you set accelerate to r2 on the main menu...just hit down when you go to the options tab (i didn't see the controls option the first time I looked at the options)

I just got excited for gt5 again while playin the demo!!!

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RememberThe3573202d ago

This is so horrible that it's comical.

Xi3201d ago

That's the whole point.

Narutone663201d ago

driver. It's painful watching him drive like that. That's the result of driving Forza 3 too much Mr. North.

doG_beLIEfs3201d ago

After playing this, you have to be beyond stupid to think that F3 is a SIMULATOR.

Yamauchi is a REAL race car driver, he has slaved away with this new physics system for YEARS, and he said he is most proud of the physics system in GT5.

This takes true driving skill and patience but that is why millions play GT over any other racing game.

Apocalypse Shadow3201d ago

i'm waiting for the new official wheel when gt5 releases.

controller is just not enough.

Death3201d ago

You are comparing GT with all assists off to F3 with all assists on. If you want to make wither game "more real", you can turn these from on to off. I admire your passion for GT, but it seems to be blinding you as far as F3 goes.


2Spock3201d ago

You need to turn all the assist off on Forza to see how it truly handles. And you comment shows the lack you never playing or even trying to play it the real way.

Proxy3201d ago

You'll find most of the traction control and other computer assistance devices in your average economy car. The assistance devices are real, and thus having them turned on does not disqualify a game from being a sim.

"Nobody ever spins out in (insert game)."

Well nobody ever spins out in real life if they have good assistance systems. They wont even let you turn the steering wheel if it's going to cause you to lose control.

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ActionBastard3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Ever noticed how the only games the twats from Destructoid can play are on 360? Free XBL subscriptions and dev kits w/ ParnerNet access will do that to ya. I loved then they posted a "L4D2 is great, you suck" "article" the same day they updated the site with L4D2 homepage ads. And that little kiddies is why I don't click Destructoid links. Not going to help posers get paid...$2 a story.

Xi3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

He said he's loving it, and he's having a blast.

But that he's having more fun acting like an idiot in it than actually driving.

Edit, I assume the disagree is because i proved that people would rather bash anyone who says anything even remotely negative against sony then actually read the article?

ActionBastard3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I think the disagrees come from your unnecessary defense of a badly titled articles commonly used to garner hits. If you're "having a blast", then what are Earth could you be doing wrong?

Xi3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

but people on this site first accuse and blame before actually reading.

He's saying that he sucks, that he knows he sucks and that his ignorance in the title is the joke.

honestly, when have you ever heard the phrase 'Am i doing it wrong' without being in parody to something? And how can you take it seriously when is accompanied by a video such as that?

and here's a quote from the actual article:

"Sure, it's great. The control is tight and the new car physics are very impressive. I'm going to love the hell out of this game when it comes out."

we won3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

You really think he was being honest about his excitement for GT5? He was making fun of it and said what he had to say, calming PS3 fanboy tempers IMO.

It's crazy he only to manage what is IMO, a mild display of the Arcade like Physics, and mechanics. When I was actually trying to win I seen much more crazier things than that putting some PS2 games to shame in primative physics.

doG_beLIEfs3201d ago

I say, let 'em make fun of it. He's the one who has NO IDEA what GT is, for those of you who don't know...GT is a driving simulator not an arcade game.

I will take Master Sensei's word that this is the best physics engine ever made (he is afterall a REAL race car driver.

At least we will see the final GT5 when in comes out in the land of the rising Sun so the wait won't be as bad knowing what kind of goodness awaits us in June.


2Spock3201d ago

dood really stop with the drving sim thing ok. Real cars handle nothing like the ones in GT5 ok, unless the are going to be doing some major tweaking before release. Handling in Gt5p was unrealistic and this new demo is even worse. Real cars handle nothing like that.

bennyace3201d ago

I strongly doubt that a tuned race car handles like that. But I believe the main problem is the sense of speed. You feel like going 50-60km/h when actually you're going over 100km/h. You shouldn't have to look at the speedometer to know how fast you're going you should feel it. And to me, that greatest problem of the GT serie. And if that's the new physics engine I'm a bit disappointed. As stated in another comment, it feels like ridge racer on ice. And please don't give me that "racing sim" as an excuse. Because 99% of people here never drove a race car. Maybe the final game won't handle like that, but if it does I'm not sure it will be well received.

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