GameSpot: MLB 10 First Look

Shaun McInnis: "While the real baseball world is knee-deep in offseason trades and acquisitions, Sony San Diego is hard at work on the follow-up to last year's stellar MLB 09: The Show. There's no catchy theme or earth-shattering new gameplay mode to next year's installment in the series--it's all about taking the sense of realism that last year's game captured so well and running even further with it. I spent a bit of time playing MLB 10 at a Sony event the other week, and while I didn't get to see much, I liked what I saw."

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Perkel3139d ago

next game after Gran Turismo which is photorealistic

i mean .. They are realy delivering true to life graphic this gen Sony that is...

and ofc 1080p in 60 FPS... :)

People stated that they lied ... and they now deliver it :)

i mean what improvements there will be in next year (kz3 e3 2010 new trailer) or 2-3 year later...

DARKrage343139d ago

I'm loving these games that feel soo real, and 'The Show' does it the best in terms of Sports.

This game has been a HUGE 1st party platformer for Sony.

Oh, and although I haven't read the article (I will in a sec)... are there any other significant improvements in gameplay? The one thing I didn't like since MLB '07 (that's the last game I've owned :( yea I know) is some people in the crowd look exactly alike...

Other than that... what a great set of games upcoming for the PS3!