Five Things BioWare Fixed for Mass Effect 2

The Escapist writes:

"Mass Effect was a fantastic game, one I personally enjoyed immensely, but it was not without its shortcomings, a fact of which BioWare is acutely aware. So while the development team is feeling pretty damn good about its sequel - Ray Muzyka calls it "our best game" - they went into its creation process knowing that they had some repairs to make. "It's very much the same kind of game," says executive producer Casey Hudson, "but we've improved every aspect as much as we could."

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Myst3201d ago

I'd say say combat is the best improvement in my personal opinion, it just looked a lot better compared to the first. Also didn't they say they were taking out the mako or something or at least fine tuning it's controls?

GiantEnemyCrab3201d ago

I believe the Mako is still in there but yes they were going to improve on the driving.

If they've got the technical issues worked out and it looks like they have, I will be a happy camper.. Also good to see they re-worked the inventory system as well.

RememberThe3573201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

The massive texture pop-in I'd get some times got a little annoying. It seems like they're fixing every issue I had with the first game. I'm not sure how this game could get any better.

And in an earlier interview it was hinted at that the Mako has an improved control scheme. Can you talk about how on planet driving will be improved?

AC: I can't say. All I can say is, one of my first tasks on Mass Effect 2 was to prototype the new handling for the vehicle. We haven't released how you're going to travel exactly with specifics, but there's stuff in there.

Myst3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Okay as long as their fixing it, also with the inventory system re-done the second has already shaped up to triumph over the first. Replaying the first one and now I'm starting to remember how much a pain in the ass, both Mako driving ( though I got used to it ) and the inventory system were.

Thanks for dropping the link, really can't wait now knowing that the mako is going to be improved at least.

Nihilism3201d ago

I'm so impressed with bioware's work on this, the pc version was a very poor port, it didn't perform as well as it should, which is not to say it didn't look better than the 360 version, because it did, 16qaa ftw, but if it looks better and most importantly, runs better, then I will be very happy

ABizzel13201d ago


I agree combat was the biggest downside to the first game. It just threw you in and there was nothing to go off of in the beginning.

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grantps33201d ago

i tried to like the first game, but i didnt get any saticefaction out of any of the kills. it seemed like it was just "press this till the meter goes down and then repeate.". i still admit its pretty cool.

The real killer3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

This game is not even out and you blabbing about the best RPG Multi platform for 2010.

i know, this game will be epic that means NOT EPIC on the crap box with gimped graphics and visual, it will be EPIC on the PC version without fear for RODD/E74 and scratch disc..................o yea i forget something engine jet sound.


i hope they fix the way he runs... i hated the way the camera would bend as he ran and turned.

gta 4 did the same thing, but then they fixed it ( or rather took it out in the episodes after which i thought was a good thing )

but ya, that really use to get on my nerves.

morgle3201d ago

As long as they fix the pop up textures and the boring Mako side quests... I'll be happy! other than that its my favorite game on xbox! Mass Effect 2 will be a day one purchase! for me

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