GameDaily: Red Steel 2 Preview

Red Steel is one of many average games for the Wii, with its awkward controls, unimpressive sword fights and graphics so jaggy, they could cut your eyes. That, however, didn't stop Ubisoft from announcing a sequel, set to debut March 23rd. Yes, the publisher hopes to revive the brand with Red Steel 2, but just because it shares the same name as its horrendous predecessor doesn't mean it's guilty by association. On the contrary, it's one of the Wii's most promising games.

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pcz3202d ago

mixing wild west themes with sword play and men with metal masks holding huge hammers?

EvilTwin3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Setting a first-person shooter in an underwater, Atlantis-meets art deco locale with a plot line derived partly from Randian philosophy was equally ludicrous (if not more so).

It's called creativity.