How Mass Effect 2 Determines What Happened In Mass Effect 1 Without A Save

It's likely that many gamers who pick up Mass Effect 2 in January will have played the original Mass Effect and still have a save file on their hard drive. Some of them will choose to import that save, bringing their decisions (and consequences) from Mass Effect into the sequel -- but you don't have to. You can start fresh in Mass Effect 2. But how does the game determine what happened in Mass Effect, then? Some massively important choices were left to the player in the original game.

"There's a variety of ways we can make the decision of what happens in Mass Effect 2 if you've chosen not to import a save game from Mass Effect 1," explained BioWare co-founder and CEO Ray Muzyka during an interview with me at a Mass Effect 2 event in San Francisco this week.

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MWong3204d ago

I am really curious if anything else will translate over. I heard your skill levels will not translate over, but you will get special bonuses for game completion and whatever level your character was. I am just hope I wont have to deal with texture poping and game freezes like was all over the previous game.

hobokiller3204d ago

It's like Bioware read my mind. This question was nagging at me for the longest time.

Myst3204d ago

Interesting, I might try this out once after completing the game with my current save file ( working on it right now actually just out of a bit of boredom )

iceman29293204d ago

i have more than one save? does it upload the most recent of give me a choice of which save i want to upload? also... it kinda sucks because i dont know what i did in my saves... for example. my first play through i was a paragon. Second i was a renegade. 3rd tried different a different class. etc. soo whats the deal? anyone know?

jakethesnake3204d ago

I have to figure out which one of my saves I want to continue with. I played through a half dozen times as I wanted to explore things on my own without any spoilers and so I did things really differently in several playthroughs. I have a male and a female shepherd and a few different classes as well. I think I'm partial to my badass female shep, but I still have to choose between the two of them!
ME1 was sure worth every cent for me and I can't imagine it will be any other way for ME2!

drdre743204d ago

I still have my save file. I have a black female Sheppard and I want to keep her. When I see the trailers it throws me off since I'm so use to seeing my version.

blackthorn53204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I know what you mean, same here. Throws me off as well.

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