Red Dead: Redemption Euphoriatic Open World Western A GTA Killer

OXCGN claims that Red Dead Redemption is a GTA killer;

"It is not your everyday Western either. Most gamers think of Western games as something to simply pass the time away on in between 'decent games'. Not this one. This one will take GTAIV and shift it 180 degrees to the right, and then proceed to roll it over on its head and spit it back out again."

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BadCircuit3133d ago

This looks cool. GTA is getting a bit tired now anyway.

gaminoz3133d ago

After GTA Vice City I got over GTA. Barely played San Andreas.

A Western open-world with random events as described sounds great.

XboxOZ3603133d ago

I'd rather work with real life style characters than those in games like GTA. They have no real 'life' about them, whereas this just sucks you in from the very beginning. And the game is not even finished yet, and it looks amazing.

Hanif-8763133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

The character models in GTA IV looked cartoony. Whereas, the models in Red Dead Redemption looks so realistic. However, i hope Rockstar North makes the next Gran Theft Auto game with realistic character models :)

XboxOZ3603133d ago

I also dislike the eventual look of the GTAIV characters in-game. Compared to the vids and promo shots.

At least with this, what you see in the screens and while actually sitting there looking at a good large HD screen is what you get in the actual game.

Those vids are all in-game, and you can even see individual muscle movements on the horses, which also use the Euphoria engine for their actions.

There's literally hundreds of NPC's going about their business, much like AC2 but with more individual characteristics for each NPC.

They mapped heaps of faces and body types for the NPC's, so you won't see too many of the same walking around in groups, or all the towns folk looking like the last towns folk.

As I mentioned, my only concern is the newer gamer . . whether or not they will take to something a little more serious, yet still has some showmanship about it. Getting back into the Wild West days will be great.