Take-Two Posts Loss' Even With 360 Deal

PS3Center: Rockstar/Take-Two just recently won the awards for best handheld game, GTA Chinatown Wars, and best DLC, Stories of Liberty Cities. The story doesn't end there today though. We all know how Rockstar has sold exclusive right to the GTA4 DLC to MS so PS3 fans have yet to see it, but turned around and made a full fledged game for PS3 called Agent. Well it seems that one move or another has caused some issues.

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gauntletpython3136d ago

Just wondering when that one year exclusivity contract runs up... should be in February, right?

gaffyh3136d ago

Around February, but does anyone even care about Gta IV anymore?!

GiantEnemyCrab3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

So, MS paid how many millions for 2 DLC expansions and only got a 1 year exclusive deal with it?

Oh, actually you should be able to clear this up by posting the link to where Take Two and MS said it's a 1 year exclusive deal..


And I guess if you are still playing the same game on the PS3 then you probably don't care.. But those who got the DLC basically got 2 new games within Liberty City. BOGT was even better than L&D and the original story.

NYC_Gamer3136d ago

atleast us ps3 owners get agent

RememberThe3573136d ago

I can understand how earnings would be down, but a loss? They must be standing a load of money on upcoming titles?

Next year will be better with Agent, Red Dead, Max Pain, Bioshock 2, and all the other games their releasing.

3135d ago