OXCGN's GOTY 2009 Reader's Poll: Have Your Say


"The end of another year approaches and game journalists everywhere are deciding what gaming masterpiece deserves Game Of TheYear 2009. But what about the average gamer?

OXCGN thinks you should have a say too and we would be interested to see what you think. Now don't just decide your choice should be dictated by metacritic or other GOTY announcements: your GOTY should be the one YOU ENJOYED the most."

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BadCircuit3133d ago

It's tempting to follow the 'announcements' but for me this year Red Faction's destruction was probably where I had the most 'fun', even if it isn't technically 'the best'.

gaminoz3133d ago

Yeah it's funny how we forget a lot of the older titles like Resident Evil 5 and Red Faction.

XboxOZ3603133d ago

I wouldn't call them "older titles" . .just titles that really didn't stand up all that much in the long run. While they are great, no doubt about that, they just don't have that "something" that many of the games did this year.

Godem3133d ago

Im a 360 player, but i'd be voting for Uncharted 2

BadCircuit3133d ago

I don't have a PS3 but I've seen it and it looks good...just a bit linear and loose though.

darkmurder3133d ago

Yep likewise, Uncharted was jsut awesome on so many levels.

XboxOZ3603133d ago

Even though there's some excellent games there, wish I could vote more than once, but I have to go fro the recently released Avatar The Game. Bloody awesome game in so many ways.

WildArmed3133d ago

ah, havn't played avatar, let alone watched it.
Maybe I should get to that

XboxOZ3603133d ago

Wait till you do mate, you'll be amazed. You can make a choice as to which side you support, Avatar or the Soldiers etc, and the world you'll be involved in is enormous, The detail is staggering, the visuals just out of this world, and if you happen to have one of the new 3d TV's, then you're in for the biggest surprise of your life.

I think you can set it to play on noon-3d tv's, but not to the proper setting you would on a real 3d TV. I've spent quite a few hours in the game world now, and while I think I've done a lot, I check, and find that I've barely scratched th surface of the entire game.

It's an excellent Puzzler and leveling game as well, and like all games of its kind, one could say it is repeative, as you could say anbout even AC2 etc, but it's up to the player as to how involved you become.

Games are repeative by shere definition. All games ARE . . .you find a way that works, repeat, it gives you a plausible possibility, and you take it, then it does it again.

This game is brilliant, and I'll be heading to the movies to see the movie proper, (lead character is an Australian btw).

ANyone that gives this game half a chance will see the possibilities it has. It was just released a little late in the year to make an impression with the industry at large to be included in their GOTY awards sadly.

gaminoz3133d ago

Is there a demo for it? If not there should be. I really think for me it's a try before I buy one: I'm suspicious of most game/film tie ins.

gaminoz3133d ago

Uncharted 2 was a great story with great voice and dialogue but the open-world, variety and freedom of Assassin's Creed 2 gets my vote.

Most over-rated game this year imo is Killzone 2. Boring environment, boring story, nothing like Uncharted 2 or AC2 offered. Second would probably be Halo ODST: even though the co-op was great, the game was a bit meh.

Wow huge selection of games to choose from though in that list!!! DS and PSP even.


well said. bubble to you man.

gaminoz3133d ago

LOL, a PS3 exclusive is way ahead atm on a 360 predominant site. Uncharted 2 seems to have a lot of votes!!!

C'mon Assassin fans! Let's at least give it a run for its money!

Godem3133d ago

You know assassins is also on PS3 too though.. kind of seems pointless. from a platform view.

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