ATI Catalyst 9.12 released

Fresh out of the oven, AMD has just served up a brand new Catalyst driver for Radeon HD 3000, 4000 and 5000-series GPUs.

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Genesis53161d ago

Just did my 4850. No problems.

Nihilism3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

hopefully the 5000 series will get a decent boost out of it

here's a link to some benchmarks, seems to improve it across the board

adsaidler3161d ago

does it include the saboteur fix?

darkequitus3161d ago


It is a Pandemic issue and they are still working on it, slowly

primesuspect3161d ago

No, the Sab fix is a separate download

GFahim3161d ago

should i download this for my dell laptop that has a hd 4570 gpu?

darkequitus3161d ago

Yes. It add Full open Gl 3.2 and Direct Compute 4.1 for 4000 series cards - Not like many things use it.

Johnny_Cojones3161d ago

Hopefully I won't get those annoying framerate drops in Red Faction Guerilla & GTA 4 anymore.

Johnny_Cojones3161d ago

It runs fantastic on my GTX 295, just like it did on my GTX 285.

I'm pretty underwhelmed with the 5870, with the exception of Dirt 2.

darkequitus3161d ago

It does not seem the drivers are good enough yet. I have just upgrade my CPU and case, so I will wait until next year before I buy another card.

Johnny_Cojones3161d ago

Yeah, I'm considering selling my 5870, & just waiting for the GTX 380.

March seems like a long time away right now, but in reality it'll be here before we know it.

Nvidia has always delivered stable & high performance for me.

I'll pay the premium price for a 100% working graphics card.

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The story is too old to be commented.