Why Michael Atkinson's Campaign Is A Waste Of Time & Money

resumeplay writes: "You've probably already heard of a man called Micheal Atkinson, and if you're an Australian gamer then you more than likely hate the hypocritical twat more than anyone. He is the attorney-general of South Australia, a position with an unfortunately large amount of power, and the one of the most hated men in the minds of gamers."

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Chinny19853198d ago

All this because of one guy how p***** I would be if I were from down under. Hopefully this'll change

Darkstorn3198d ago

I'm confident that the Australians will elect a much more progressive Attorney General after the disaster that was Michael Atkinson.

Noctis Aftermath3198d ago

If we don't get an 18+ rating for video games soon i'm just going to keep importing and never bother with buying games locally.

Pozzle3198d ago

Amem to that, Noctis Aftermath. Heck, I but the majority of my games overseas anyway. The price difference is ridiculous anyway. Import a game for $50-$70 (including shipping), as opposed to $100-$120 in stores.

SaiyanFury3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )


It's "progressives" like this man who operate in a liberal society, who proliferate the most. Censoring games for the "sake of the children" is the typical benchmark in which censors like Hilary Clinton operate. She and Joe Lieberman wanted to control the ESRB in the US back in the mid 90s, after the first Mortal Kombat came out. The ESRB claimed that it's unconstitutional for the government to control the videogame ratings board, as it's not the government's job to rate and censor things in America. Also it treads upon the First Amendment to the US Constitution; Freedom of Speech/Expression. By the way, the ESRB won it's claim.

It's never about the sake of the children, it's purely for the sake of control. "For the children" is merely a means to an end. In the real world, it's a parent's duty to keep a child away from violent games, not the government's. This guy is the same as Jack Thompson, trying to censor games. Jack Thompson, a man who operates in a moderately conservative country that is the US, has been bashed and banned. Meanwhile, Australia loves Atkinson's work and continues to support his efforts to censor the freedom of expression over there. When you restrict liberty-based freedoms, you end up hurting everyone. The quote from Atkinson, ”restricts adult liberty to a small degree worth it to protect children from violent games.” is typical of a progressive that wants to control things. It's not about protecting the children, it's about the removal of freedoms from an industry. I state again, it is not the job of government to rule and censor games. It is a parent's duty, themselves, to keep their children away from violence in videogames.

Bagogames3197d ago

Bloody well put. Anyone who feels that the issue of assumed security is more important than the freedom of which it protects should never be given power.

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mau643198d ago

There is a guy in the U.S. that gamers have come to know and love. I don't even need to put his name down.

hitthegspot3198d ago

With fist pounding in air there is a cry in the US... Jack Thompson

mau643198d ago

didn't take long lol... hate him.

hitthegspot3198d ago

They really need to pull his license and never allow him to practice law in the US. It appears as though he would fit right in, in AU. meh...

Bagogames3198d ago

At least jack thompson didn't have the rating's board under his thumb.

TheBand1t3198d ago

Makes Jack Thompson look like a nice guy.

Bagogames3198d ago

Jack Thompson was the one who called the judge who banned his license a "raving mad woman"

TheBand1t3198d ago

And now Jack has had his teeth removed. I.E., no threat at all.

Bagogames3198d ago

But he's still alive, and sometimes when you don't treat the problem it comes back worse. :(

Pozzle3198d ago

Jack Thompson was all bark and no bite though. He went up against adult video games, but didn't really get achieve anything in the end.

Michael Atkinson only has to say 'no' and Australia will never see R18 video games (until Atkinson retires, that is). He's bark AND bite.

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