Racism in gaming? I think not

resumeplay writes: "In the year of 2009, there has been a bold statement made about the new generation of gaming. I'm not talking about a statement of graphics, storyline, or game-play. I'm also not talking about a statement of what's going to win the best game of the year. I'm talking about a statement made by a website to the video gaming world declaring that the creators of some of the best games of 2009 are using subliminal racism in their top-selling titles."

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Bagogames3167d ago

Why racism was dragged into it. Of course Capcom aren't racist there a multi-billion dollar international corporation! They're not THAT thick...i hope

AKNAA3167d ago

I don't care if your Black, Spanish, indian, white or asian. If your a flesh eating Zombie, I'm gonna shot your a$$ down!

komp3167d ago

Gran Turismo is full of Racism

Nihilism3167d ago

"A wound cannot heal that is continually re-opened"

These cries of racism are from people that need to feel victimized to justify their own racism, it's pathetic, I would be offended by any racism in a game, as would many others, the media also tries to portray gamers as tolerant of racism by claiming this B.S, god I want to slap the s#!t out of the mainstream media and their insane judgment, too much soap box proclamations, not enough investigation.

Darkstorn3167d ago

I agree with the contentions laid out in this article, but I don't want people to start becoming dismissive of racism in general. It's easy for us white folks to say racism doesn't exist anymore, as we are not targets of it. But it's a very real (and sobering) phenomenon.
That being said, I don't remember any games in which racism was prevalent, or even implied.

oli3167d ago

racism is bad, too many people are a victim of it nowadays, including me

iceman063167d ago

Probably one of the best comments that I have seen regarding race in these types of articles!!! +BUBS

blackpanther253167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Thank You and +bub to you. One of the best comments ever. I hate to reference Kanye West but he once said "Racism is still alive, they just be concealing it". When I can walk around my predominantly Caucasian neighborhood without people giving me weird looks and avoiding me....I can say racism maybe dead

presto7173167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

but if Sheva is a "local" then why the f**k is she not just as black as the zombies you kill throughout the game.

Yeah. Bullsh!t...

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Chinny19853167d ago

i'm alos sick to death of these weak claims. Lets just get on with playing games shall we

ASSASSYN 36o3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I agree with this article. But it should be directed directly to the source of these claims of racism in games. Call these fools out by their names whom are capable of getting attention drawn to outlandish claims of racists video games so the public can vilify them in the open. I bet a million bucks these accusers don't even play video games at all.

ForROME3167d ago

If they believe in it so much, why didnt they come out when white scientist in part 1 were being shot at and call it racism? because it didnt serve their purpose, but when it does they call it out, well I call those people out who do that , they are the real racist.

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