Banjo Kazooie & Xbox Avatar's set to exclusively race on 360

The Lost Gamer writes "Sega have today announced that Banjo Kazooie and Xbox Avatar's will be making an appearance exclusively on the Xbox 360 version of their upcoming Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing."

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TheDeadMetalhead2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Banjo won't be able to save that game from suckage.

It will fail. Just like every other crappy Mario knock-off Sonic game made in the last 10 years has failed. It will be absolute garbage, the reviewers will sugarcoat it a bit with a 50-60 score, and it will still sell over a million copies, just because it has that stupid hedgehog on the cover. :/

ryuzu2989d ago

So why is this under the PS3 news section? Do the mods decide or is there some other process for an item to be listed as PS3 news?

This and the one about Natal and lag are both under the PS3 section while being unrelated to that platform....

The cycnic in me says that kind of thing might happen just to incite a bit of idiot chest beating, but I'm sure there's a better reason!


TheBand1t2989d ago

I think I hear a cricket chirping.

Shnazzyone2988d ago

Sure whatever, probably the most exclusivity 360 has seen for most this year.