Isaac and Dante make it into Army of Two: The 40th Day PSP

TVGB: "It's nice enough that EA have made the effort to make the PSP edition of Army of Two: The 40th Day unique to the system, but two little goodies added into the debut trailer make the deal seem even sweeter. The first minute or so of this trailer show that this version takes obvious inspiration from the old school shooters like the Contra games, a series that EA Montreal's Alex Hutchinson compared with this game a few months back. It's at the end of the footage that the real treat drops, as two quick shots of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and Dante from Dante's Inferno reveal them to be playable characters in the game."

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sinncross3198d ago

That is so cool!!!

Otherwise, the game play style has been intrigued.

RememberThe3573198d ago

Reminds me of Killzone: Liberation. Hopefully it's as entertaining.

TheBand1t3198d ago

And less frustrating to play.

RememberThe3573198d ago

But I'm easily frustrated so I'm used to it. The only thing I really had against Liberation was that your hands start to hurt after a while.

TheBand1t3198d ago

I've never been one to get easily frustrated, otherwise I wouldn't be Soul level 154 in NG++++ in Demon's Souls. :) But Liberation just aggravated the snot out of me.

micro_invader3197d ago

I enjoyed Liberation, played it a while back. Although one level that seriously PISSED me off was that fight with the guy in the big tank thing that shoots missiles and machine guns etc.

Not very descriptive I know but I got so frustrated I left the game for a few weeks, came back and then finished him off.

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Why Dat3198d ago

I love it when they do video game/character cross overs!

I'm SO getting this day 1!

FragMnTagM3198d ago

This game looks like a lot of fun. I am a huge fan of the Contra games.

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