Halo Reach trailer music available free on

The Lost Gamer writes "Bungie have today placed the piece of music that Marty O'Donnell composed for the debut Halo Reach trailer on You can download this track for free, and is available as an .mp3 file from here."

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Seedhouse2898d ago

Marty's music is just incredible :)

Saaking2898d ago

The music is a major part of the Halo series. It just wouldn't be the same without it (in fact, that was the only thing I liked about ODST, the music).

MaN_uTd2898d ago

Downloaded and love it :)

STICKzophrenic2898d ago

Marty O'Donnell produces the best scores in gaming.

Mildrop2898d ago

Awesome thanks for the heads up

richard44812898d ago

Just what I always wanted :D

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