Gaming Age: PixelJunk Shooter Review

If there's one thing that a PixelJunk game might be called, it would be "quality." And if there were a term for an impressive aptitude for addiction or a great amount of fun, it would be "co-op." So it would be made to assume that co-op in any PixelJunk game would result in a mode that is of great quality and has the tendency to keep two people playing this co-op mode for a long time with little or no drop in their fun levels. Assuming that all of these statements are true, then it is safe to conclude that this is an experience that many will have with PixelJunk shooter when playing with a friend, and furthermore that due to the quality of the co-op experience, the single-player mode must be substantially awesome as well.

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BYE3139d ago

Good score, this game is amazing.