Lens of Truth: James Cameron's Avatar Comparison

Lens of Truth writes, "We have wanted to do Avatar for some time now but never got the chance. Well, now's our chance. So if Avatar is on your list for Santa then you're gonna want to stick around to see which game landed on the naughty list."

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Sea_Man3167d ago

The game actually looks good.

junk-3d3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

But unfortunately visuals alone don't make a good game. Hopefully, Ubisoft will continue to develop this engine for future, non-movie based projects. It seems to do very well cross-platform.

Sea_Man3167d ago

Agreed, but AC2 looks and plays amazing so why did Ubisoft drop the ball on this game? $$$$$Maybe something to do with the release of the movie.

RudeSole Devil3167d ago

Your dumb just like this game!!! LOL, FTW, BYOB.

Marty83703167d ago

Don't give this crap site hits.

TheDeadMetalhead3167d ago

I bet they never do one for The Saboteur. :/

DopyG3167d ago

This guy keep complain about long load time on the xbox and that the ps3 have a 2 gig data install on harddrive..

Dont he know that Xbox can do the same?

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