Bright Hub Guide: Aion Attributes and Stats Part I

TJSonntag writes: "Part I: Base, Defensive, Melee, and Tanking Stats. Here's the guide for how they work, and who needs 'em. Whether you are playing a melee character, a caster, a healer, or a hybrid, we unravel the mystery behind the stats you see on your manastones, gear and weapons in this two-part series.
Basic Attributes

Every character in Aion has the same eight primary attributes listed on his or her character sheet: HP, MP, Power, Health, Agility, Accuracy, Knowledge, and Will. These primary attributes cannot be increased by any means, and are set at specific values for each of the four main classes. Note that the "Accuracy" attribute listed in this upper section is not the same as the "Accuracy" stat listed below under both the Main Hand and Off Hand weapons. Power is your base strength, while Health determines your starting hit points. Agility relates to your ability to evade, parry, or block incoming melee attacks, and Accuracy determines both your beginning hit and crit rates. Knowledge pertains to caster's spell damage and accuracy, and Will affects the starting MP pool and regeneration rate."

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This is a great guide. I clicked on a few other articles by TJSonntag and her stuff is excellent.