Coping with Guild Politics in any MMORPG

sinisterporpoise writes: "Any online game designed to have many players interact is going to run into problems dealing with people. Many gamers are not social butterflies to begin with, but when playing an online game they must learn how to interact with people.

Any endeavor with a large amount of people participating will inevitably have to cope with the politics. MMORPGs are certainly no exception to this rule, and there are often political maneuvering that go on between the higher level guilds, especially in older games where much of the content is not instanced. Newer games get around many of these guild fights by using instances for raid content.

Even if the conflicts between guilds have been minimized, a high level player must be aware of politics within a guild. A college level human relations course can help people sort this all out, but there are a few tips that will help the player navigate through guild politics."

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Glamis3136d ago

Ugh. Guild politics. Just typing those two words gives me a shudder.