IGN Spoils the First Ten Minutes of Mass Effect 2 (Preview) *Warning Spoilers

IGN writes: "Commander Shepard dies ten minutes into Mass Effect 2.

You read that correctly. After a brief introduction into the story, you take control of your version of Shepard. The Normandy is attacked by an unknown enemy and there is no hope of defense. You charge to the command deck. Your old pal Joker refuses to leave the helm. He can save the ship, he swears. You know he's wrong. You drag him to an escape pod as your ship falls apart around you. All is lost."

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KaL_D3135d ago

N4G brings attention to the article to those that may have not seen it, thereby assisting in the spoiling.

Rockox3135d ago

I wasn't even going to click the link, but it's right there in the damn blurb. Grrr.

Tiberium3135d ago

If you don't want it spoiled *gasp* don't watch it.

3135d ago