Bright Hub Review: Warlords on Facebook

Damien Richard writes: "Warlords is, in my opinion, one of the best new games to come to Facebook. Think of it like a medieval version of Mafia Wars, but with some serious improvements. In Warlords you build a squad and do quests. You can also battle other players or allies. As you level up, new races become available to play and new quest lines open up as well. Warlords is still in beta but already has a fair following. I expect that this game will grow very quickly. I look forward to seeing what kind of changes are made as the game progresses out of infancy.


The end result is that Warlords is fun. This is a great looking, addictive Facebook game even though it is still in beta. I can spend hours fighting and questing. Battling other Warlords is more challenging then battling players in other games. The choices you make in building your squad can make or break you. Some may find this frustrating, but I think Warlords will find a place in many more peoples Facebook bookmarks. It is already getting all kinds of attention and growing by tens of thousands of players every week. Personally, I will be continuing to play Warlords and I look forward to seeing exactly how far the developers can take this game."

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Glamis3261d ago

I never really got into Mafia Wars and Space Wars because those genres did not interest me very much. But this looks very promising.

ikaris3261d ago

Its hard for me to get into social gaming, even though its so big.
Whats the pull?