Bright Hub Review: Facebook Game: Fish Isle

brlamc writes: "If you have played Facebook games such as Farmville, then Fish Isle will be very familiar to you. This game also has some neat concepts such as the ability to add land to your island and develop it anyway that you wish. You can use the selection to select all your fish nets for quicker harvesting and releasing of eggs and your nets must be cleaned before you can use them again.

In Fish Isle you have two areas, the sea and your little island. On the sea you can do your fish farming, while your little island area can be decorated the way that you want. You can add a house, trees, hut, tent, and other buildings to your island for some variety. Not only can you add items to your little island but you can also add land tiles to the island. This allows you to mold your island the way that you want. You could even make several small little islands using the tool. The ability to shape your game play area makes this game unique among the farming style games on Facebook."

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Glamis3167d ago

Facebook games are really coming on strong as a major platform. I am always interested in reading reviews about them so I can help sort through them all.