GameZone: Exclusive Hands-On Video with Darksiders

"At last week's Darksiders press event in Los Angeles, California, Andrew Groen of GameZone was able to log in a good amount of playtime with the action-adventure title from THQ.

Not only was he able to see the full build of the title, he was able to be a witness of how challenging the title can be when he encountered, the first major boss, Tiamat. Before he fought the crazy bat-demon, he was able to dispose of the mini-boss, The Jailer, in a grueling battle that displayed a hilarious execution."

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athmaus3204d ago

The videos were intersting, but not sure i am convinced about the gameplay just yet....

Caspel3204d ago

If the boss fights are that hard on normal, I can't imagine on their harder difficulties.

Maximum Yuks3204d ago

Whoa, that jailer fight looked awesome