The Top Five Gaming Hunks of 2009

"This year does have a few hunks worthy of note so, with the help of fellow female reviewer, Angelina Sandoval, we looked through many games searching for that hot hunk of 2009. It was a long and demanding task but somebody had to make the sacrifice. Now that we both stopped drooling we came up with the Top 5 Hottest Gaming Hunks of 2009.

So, ladies, we have our top five candidates and the winner of this year's contest. May there be a "Shirtless" cheat code for each of them, we say."

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Kyrwolf3167d ago

hehe, somewhat entertaining. wonder what their criteria was?

Viewtiful3167d ago

Which ever character made them want to put a $20 in their jock the most. That's really the only litmus to use.

chaosatom3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

-Assassin's Creed
-or any other

AKNAA3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

yeah! that means all 3 of you girl gamers out there! pay attention Lol!

@ above.... Flower

athmaus3167d ago

this is a different spin on a normal feature seen on other sites

cmrbe3167d ago

is that he is the most flesh out character this gen.

Jamescagney3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Wong post. Solly.

Darkstorn3167d ago

I disagree. Most fleshed out character this GEN? That's quite the statement, care to back it up? Nathan Drake is supposed to be an everyman, a sensationalized stereotype, not a true-to-life human being.

I think villains tend to be considerably more 'fleshed out' than protagonists in video games. Liquid Ocelot (MGS), Andrew Ryan (Bioshock), and Teryn Loghain (Dragon Age) are all deeper characters than their 'hero' counterparts. Solid Snake kills people, Jack from Bioshock kills people, and the Grey Warden kills people.

cmrbe3167d ago

flesh out as in like a real person in an action adventure movie. His body and facial animation, to his character model, to his humor, to his acting, to voice acting. ND did an excellent job in bringing pixels to life.

Darkstorn3167d ago

I agree that Naughty Dog did an awesome job making him real, but he's not a 'deep' character, in the sense of the word. When I think of a good character, I think of someone unique. Not a typical witty, rugged action hero.

I'm not hating, as Uncharted 2 is my GOTY, but Nathan Drake doesn't seem 'deep' to me.

cmrbe3167d ago

I said fleshed out as in realised (real). Not deep or complex character.

My point is. Because ND did a great job in fleshing him out like making him look real, act real, move like a real person, talk like a real action movie hero with a wicked sense of humour and excellent facial experssion. I am not surprise he is the top hunk in gaming for ladies.

Darkstorn3167d ago

Alright, alright. I understand. Congratulations for taking on my notorious stubbornness. Bubbles!

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NYCGirl093167d ago

this is an interesting spin....i like that there thinking of the ladies though. I disagree with choice of #1 but had a nice chuckle reading the article.

TheBand1t3167d ago

I bet Nathan's beard would tickle.

...No Homo.

Pumbli3167d ago

Lol, thanks for the laugh.

As for this list... It's great. :P

Drake's an awesome guy, that's all I have to say.

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