Army of Two: 40th Day review: "Big surprise"

CVG writes: "he first Army of Two: The 40th Day review is in and it's very positive, with PSM3 going as far as calling the EA sequel "2010's first big surprise".

"The 40th Day is the perfect example of a developer listening to criticism and making positive changes," PSM3 says in its latest issue."

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Rampaged Death2916d ago

Played the demo earlier and I was really let down. The movement was very sluggish and the controls are really bad. I hope the demo is from a early build. There is one thing I liked in the demo and that was the choices you had to make. Bur from what I played I think the 1st is better.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat2916d ago

I thought the first one was crap, but I will rent this one and see if I like it any better.

trancefreak2916d ago

downloading the demo now and i know for fact i wont buy this game it was hard to buy the first 1 in the bargain bin.

mugoldeneagle032916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

100% agree with you.

I never played the first one, but I was interested in 40th day so I downloaded the demo to try it out. I thought it looked horrible. It was so slow it was almost painful to play. A lot of the objectives were tedious, and the controls were a major pain too. The entire time I was playing it the only thing I could think about was whether or not my online partner I was playing with would be upset if I quit, and he ended up quitting before me towards the end when the city starts falling down...Didn't even get to finish the demo.

So overall disappointed.

Xbox Avatars Shoe2915d ago

The wort part was the terrible, sluggish controls. Not to mention the building-scape and smoke effects looked almost exactly like 2007's CrackDown.

Guido2915d ago

Yeah like what? That this game in the series is actually going to be interesting? Hey, if they make that happen the great, can't wait to be surprised.

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Bathyj2916d ago

I thought the first game was great, I dont know what all the complaining was about.

Looking forward to trying this one too.

deshon092916d ago

the first game was sweet ea has ben doing a good job lately

RememberThe3572916d ago

But the game was defiantly made for co-op. If you couldn't co-op, it was a huge let down. It was kind of weird how night and day the game was between single player and co-op.

Baka-akaB2916d ago

i found the first game to be a chore .. so i'm probably one of those negative guy abck then .

What annoyed the most was the often contrived way to force cooperation , instead of being truly creative .

"oh gawd look a 1.52 meter wall to climb!! let's not just put a ladder on it , but instead make me wait for my buddy to lift me up" ..

The game had a few nice idea like using cars doors as shield , but in the end it was all gimmick , smokes and mirrors .

Plus aside from that it wasnt a really riveting and interesting shooter ...
If the sequel is better kudos , if not meh i'll keep moving past it (will try the demo later) .

Walrus2916d ago

The first one was fun as heck... as long as you playe it co-op. Single player, yeah it sucked. But this was one of my most looked foward game in 2010

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ab5olut10n2914d ago

guy asked some pretty insightful questions, kind of put the dev on the spot a few times. that being said, i did enjoy the first game but was still disappointed with it. got the demo, haven't played it yet so the jury is still out on whether they addressed the issues i had.