G4TV: Mass Effect 2 Hands-On Preview

G4TV writes: "I was given a chance to play the first hour or so of Mass Effect 2 in San Francisco earlier this week. There was no one looking over my shoulder, no developer pointing out what new gameplay features I should be checking out. This was my first real look at Mass Effect 2, a chance to make note of lessons BioWare learned from the original and applied to the follow-up."

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mcgrawgamer3138d ago

in reference to the ME1 save import: From the article
"You aren't forced to do so and can start from scratch. Through a combination of responses to in-game conversations and decisions simply made by BioWare, the game will determine what would have happened in the original."

I'll be playing this game on the PC, but from the above statement it's very plausible the game could eventually come to PS3 considering this simple yet elegant work around to not having played the first game. Of course someone else may look at that statement in a completely different way but if you have grown past this so called console war and want to experience this great game on the ps3 the possibility is getting stronger and stronger.