Kotaku: Rogue Warrior Review: Wasted Warrior

Kotaku writes: "Following a traditionally content-crammed October and November, another year creeps to a close with few higher profile releases hitting in its last few weeks. Don't tell that to Bethesda Softworks, though, as it infiltrates the holidays with the under-the-radar stealth shooter Rogue Warrior.

Though the house that rebooted the Fallout franchise is best known for blasting mutated baddies with Fat Boys and, more recently, their blades-and-bullets-fueled WET, they-with the aid of developer Rebellion- have also been quietly working on a title closer to Tom Clancy territory than post-apocalyptic or pulp-film worlds. Loosely based on the life of real-deal Navy SEAL Richard Marcinko, Rogue Warrior was originally being developed by Zombie Studios until Bethesda turned the reins over to Rebellion, who reworked everything from the story and setting, to the tech and gameplay."

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