Kotaku: Simpson Arcade iPhone Preview: Steeped in Authenticity

Kotaku writes: "The Simpsons has enjoyed a lot of unique video games to its name in the last 18 years. Even the Grand Theft Auto knock-off, Hit & Run, felt special just because it was The Simpsons in all its Matt Groening glory.

My personal favorite is probably still Bart's Nightmare on the Super Nintendo - because it was the only game that I could beat that my big brother couldn't. His claim to fame is still the old NES game, Bart vs. The Space Mutants. But both of us will always remember The Simpsons Arcade game from Konami as the ultimate Simpsons video game. It was the only one we could get our parents to play with us, and they only one we never ever beat because we always ran out of quarters in the dream world."

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