ZBrushCentral: Uncharted 2 Art Work

Many of the artists at Naughty Dog have posted screenshots of in game assets, ZBrush sculpts, wireframes and general information on the characters they worked on for Uncharted 2. Overall a testament to why the game looks as good as it does...talented artists and programmers.

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jaidek3200d ago

tell me about it, some serious talent in that thread. Page two has some interesting statistics on the characters themselves. For instance, Drake's in game model in 37,000 polygons (4k is for the hair alone).

Pandamobile3200d ago

Sure is a big difference from what Naughty Dog supposedly said they were.

Referring to:

But that aside, those are some extremely nice character models.

CrippleH3198d ago

80k is probably cutscenes.

Pandamobile3200d ago

ZBrush is the coolest modeling program out there.

Even if you know nothing of 3d modeling, play with the demo. It's extremely fun to screw around with and make weird creatures :)

SixZeroFour3199d ago

yea, definitely a fun program, but quite frustrating at times for the common person actually trying to achieve something