Gamespot: Mass Effect 2 Update - Unraveling the Mystery of Shepard

The original teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2 cast a great big blanket of uncertainty on the status of Commander Shepard leading into this sequel. Whether he's alive and well or was truly "killed in action" as that video would have you believe was the big question at the time. But that was back in February, and since then Gamespot has seen a veritable flood of screenshots, videos, and advance demos showing what's either a living, breathing Shepherd going about his business, or a startlingly accurate wax model. At any rate, after recently playing the first hour or so of Mass Effect 2, they can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Shepard is back. Sort of.

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ASSASSYN 36o3165d ago

I still consider KOTOR to be the best bioware game ever made. We will see with Mass Effect 2 though.